What’s New in WordPress 4.0

Many people are looking forward to using WordPress 4.0 because of many of the features that the new version of the most popular blogging platform brings to those will be willing to make more money online. It comes with many things that will make website building to be very interesting, full of fun for anybody working with simple or complex websites.

The Features of the New Version

Whats New in WordPress 4.0We will be looking at some of the things that you should expect if you are already using WordPress to build a website or if you have not yet been using it, so that you would make the decision to start doing that today. These are some of the important features that come with the WordPress 4.0:

Media Style – there is a media style which makes it possible for website owners to manage images in a very beautiful grid view. The images are displayed in a way that they can be easily edited or viewed, making it possible to easily determine the one that will be used on your blog.

Embed – It is possible to embed videos on your webpage without any programming skill, which is a very good thing for people without any knowledge of HTML. Another good thing is that it is possible to embed videos from other sources apart from YouTube.

Editor – The new WordPress 4.0 has a very good editor, as it makes it possible to easily add content to your website. The new version has many important things that make it possible to create any type of content.

Plugins – The use of plugins is another new thing with WordPress themes 2015. For instance, this version has a popup window showing the details of any plugin. It is also possible to display plugins list as grid.

JavaScript – In terms of the support for JavaScript, WordPress 4.0 supports attractive media views, while an autosave is forced on switch to Text editor from Visual.

Installation Language – With this new version, you can install best WordPress themes 2015 in any language, unlike the previous versions which support English only. Now, no separate files need to be downloaded to install in your language.

Widgets – Those who love widgets and want to keep things organized would love this version because in the Customizer, widgets now have their own separate panel.

Some other things which WordPress 4.0 brings are nesting of custom post types under top-level menu items; improved and more effective wptexturize(); improved nested shortcodes; and many others.

WordPress 4.0 also comes with many bug fixes to improve the experience of the blogger. You could notice all these fixes if you are a regular blogger but if you are not, it does not matter. You will enjoy blogging, installing new blogs easily, searching for desired plugins, changing themes, installing widgets and many more. Therefore, you should start blogging today, or creating magazine or business websites that you have always desired.

Written by David Nguyen