Why You Must Use Responsive WordPress Themes for Business Site

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform because of the ease with which it can be used in building a professional-looking website. Being responsive means that your site quickly reacts to fit the screen of the device the user is using to view your site, and this feature is improving daily because of the viewport width.

There are 3 main components which make up a responsive web design; these are media queries, flexible layouts and flexible media. A flexible layout means that a website is built using a flexible grid, which means that the site resizes easily to any width. In the case of flexible grids, relative length units are used in doing the building using em of percentage units. The web designer then uses the relative lengths in declaring common grid property values like margin , width and padding.

Why You Should Always Use Responsive WordPress Themes:

Google Recommendation – one of the reasons you should always use responsive wordpress themes is that Google, the largest search engine in the world, recommends that. Good supports the use of this design for business WordPress themes because the feature gives you one URL regardless of device. Therefore, the search engine is able to crawl, index, and organize the content of your site.
Why You Must Use Responsive WordPress Themes for Business Site
More Traffic – Another benefit of a responsive design is that it can increase traffic to your site. Millions of new smartphones are activated every year, and as more people use those devices to browse the internet, you have more chances of more people visiting your site, accessing every page and even responding to your offers. In addition, as the layout requires just a URL, people can easily share your content, interact with your site and even easily link to the page.

Cheap – another advantage of the responsive layout is that only one site is maintained for content meant for the desktop and the one for mobile devices. You don’t need to create separate websites for each type of mobile device.
Low Bounce Rate – Using a responsive layout reduces the bounce rate of your site. In most cases, if the content is too stripped down, a mobile site suffers from a high bounce rate, and this bounce rate is interpreted by Google as a sign that you have a site which does not offer value to users.

Those are some of the benefits of using the best WordPress themes. Their responsive layout gives you an edge, as most internet users love a site that fits their mobile devices. The layout provides the optimal user experience on any device, and as you can easily manage your site through a single URL, you are able to provide content and tweak the site to meet the needs of your users. Therefore, you should download the themes today.

Written by David Nguyen