35+ Beautiful Metro Web Design For Design Inspiration

The flat metro style web templates and metro design trends have only been active within the design community for a couple of years. The innovative web design inspiration started with Microsoft and since then, it has grown in complexity. In fact, many web designers are working hands-on with flat CSS3 buttons, icons, links and other Metro UI design features.

As mentioned earlier, the use of Metro Style has originated from Microsoft in the mid 90′s. Since Microsoft first released the Metro UI design on Windows Phone 7, the metro web design has been well utilized for every Microsoft product and Windows applications, including various web design portfolio and modern responsive web design. Many web developers are following the Metro Style and Metro UI design because of the elegance it brings in enhancing the web contents of the site.

Contemporary styles like the modern responsive web design and Metro Style designs are trending for quite some time. You can find high-quality WordPress themes for beautiful web design based on this layout. Below are some of the inspiring web design portfolios of metro designs, as well as Metro UI designs for websites.

Softwaremill Metro Web Design – View Site

Softwaremill Metro Web Design
Here you can find some custom software solutions for your web applications or backend systems, all created with Java, Scala and Cloud.
View Site

Argo OnePage Metro UI Design – View Site

Argo OnePage Metro UI Design
Argo is a unique web theme with a fresh but modern design. It is great for any corporate agency, creative studio or portfolio and easy to customize to suit your taste.

Nicholas Jackson for Metro Design – View Site

Nicholas Jackson for Metro Design
Nicholas Jackson has 5 years of experience in designing various web solutions for his clients and learning with them is what helps him improve his skills.

Form Responsive Metro Design – View Site

Form Responsive Metro Design
Form is a powerful theme with a clean and fully responsive design that utilizes HTML5, CSS3, with great ease. WP Form is also customizable and well documented, easy to set up and comes with a free lifetime support.

United Pixelworkers Metro Design Inspiration – View Site

United Pixelworkers Metro Design Inspiration
This is an online T-shirt store selling T-shirts with a customized design. What’s unique about their shirts is that they can show what the wearer is proud of.

3 Clicks WordPress Metro Theme – View Site

3 Clicks WordPress Metro Theme
A flexible and a complete theme, with a modern and a fully responsive design that fits in the current web trend. It comes with skins and demo ready to work in minutes while allowing full personalization.

Ale De Carvalho Design – View Site

Ale De Carvalho Design
Ale De Carvalho provided his art device services to many companies operating in many different fields, from fashion to technology to art and entertainment and beyond.

Built by Buffalo Design Inspiration – View Site

Built by Buffalo Design Inspiration
Buffalo is a web design and development agency that focuses on what they feel is the right approach, designs that goes well in smaller screens like tablets and phones.

Felius Responsive Metro Style for Inspiration – View Site

Felius Responsive Metro Style for Inspiration
A WordPress theme that is a cross browser compatible, retina ready and also responsive with a clean design suitable for a lot of different websites.

Xbox Australia Website – View Site

Xbox Australia Website
Xbox Australia is the official site of Xbox in Australia, it incorporates latest games, and console up to date. Xbox has a lot of games to choose from.

Fhoke Metro Web Design – View Site

Fhoke Metro Web Design
A unique web design that manages to create a site the way you want it, according to your ideas. Their strong points are their years of experience, creativity and development process.

iGaranti Website Metro Design – View Site

iGaranti Website Metro Design
An online banking solution available for your smartphone in Turkish and offered by Garanti Bank.

Up Magazine Web Design – View Site

Up Magazine Web Design
The website of the Up Magazine, the Portuguese edition beautifully displays the use of the Metro website theme.

Fieldwork Website for Inspiration – View Site

Fieldwork Website for Inspiration
Builds things that support and enhance organizations to further their work. With their experience across digital, web, brand and design process, they produce things that will make an impact.

Nerval Metro Web – View Site

Nerval Metro Web
This is a very inspirational website that makes use of animations and columns. Its designer will be more than happy to assist you in creating the site of your dreams.

Design Embraced Web Design – View Site

Design Embraced Web Design
Anthony Goodwin, the owner of this website, worked with important clients in the past and his work is beautifully displayed on his website.

Chrome Web Store Sitr – View Site

Chrome Web Store Sitr
This is where you can purchase and download apps for you Google Chrome browser. Apps that can improve the browsing or games that you want to play, almost anything is available in Chrome Web Store.

Mixpanel Web Design – View Site

Mixpanel Web Design
This application is perfect if you want to learn how to improve your products or services offered online.

Peterfig Site for Metro Inspiration – View Site

Peterfig Site for Metro Inspiration
Here you can see a one-page website that has a menu glued to the top: if the page gets too long, you can easily navigate to a different section.

Case 3D Website – View Site

Case 3D Website
Case 3D presents 3D visualizations and animation services that suit the needs of professionals in the fields such as architecture, interior design, real estate, engineering and industrial design.

Work and Play Metro Design – View Site

Work and Play Metro Design
This website is full of animation and beautiful colors. If you want to use interactive media to promote yourself, this is the place where dreams can come true.

EARS Beautiful Web Design – View Site

EARS Beautiful Web Design
While EARS tries to improve the relations between Europe and Asia, their website has a website that can give an idea or two about how to make an unique site for yourself.

The Verge Site – View Site

The Verge Site
Here you can see a grid design put to work to display the news in a creative manner, and the more important news will get bigger squares than the others will.

Our Name is Mud – View Site

Our Name is Mud
An unique name, a single page website a grid layout seems to be the ingredients to success when it comes to web designing.

Build Windows for Inspiration – View Site

Build Windows for Inspiration
Here you can experience the parallax scrolling, full screen background that gradually disappears as well as many other features, including animations.

Palace Metro Web Design – View Site

Palace Metro Web Design
If you want to sell your work to local or international celebrities, you must present it in a similar way.

Its a shape Christmas – View Site

Its a shape Christmas
All you will be able to get here are creative illustrations, but the way they are presented is groundbreaking: try it out!

Etch Apps Web for Metro Design – View Site

Etch Apps Web for Metro Design
This company knows how to do 2 things best: make apps and sell their service. Sometimes, the way you present your product influences your sales.

True Digital Website – View Site

True Digital Website
This company offers many services to those in need. Their website clearly points out their strongest assets and you should follow suite.

Fitbit Metro Photo Site – View Site

Fitbit Metro Photo Site
Everyone wants to be fit and French are known for being best at it. However, this website has many visual effects you should pay attention to.

Award Business Website – View Site

Award Business Website
Award will show you how to combine social integration, images, text and more in a innovative way.

Microsoft Clean Metro Style – View Site

Microsoft Clean Metro Style
Microsoft has some of the most used computer programs. Their website has a grid design, similar to the Windows 8 UI one.

Build 2012 Website – View Site

Build 2012 Website
This has a forever scroll option as it was designed as a single page site.

Benetton Services and Products Site – View Site

Benetton Services and Products Site
Here you can see a very creative way of displaying images while also promoting your services and products.

One Touch Metro Stylish Design – View Site

One Touch Metro Stylish Design
Palace has designed the websites for many Australian singers and more. Now is your turn to look at their grid-based website and get some inspiration!

January Creative Website – View Site

January Creative Website
January Creative offers professional solutions to all your website needs. The owner has 4 years of experience in the field and her site will prove it.

Written by Liam Dang