25+ Best Books For Learning JavaScript & jQuery

The world, technology and even the internet evolves. The websites that keep up with the evolution of the internet are prone to be more successful. However, what does the internet’s evolution mean? This is easy question to answer: it has to do with visually appealing websites that can be accessed and interacted using any device possible and any screen size available. This means, a responsive web design s a must if you want your site to stay alive.

The easiest way of obtaining a responsive website is by combining HTML, CSS and Ajax or JavaScript. Learning JavaScript might sound difficult, especially if you just started learning web design. You might be interested in finding out about every possible jQuery tutorial for beginners or in getting the best JavaScript book out there. Finding jQuery tutorials online is another solution to your web design career, but relying solely on these is not enough.

What you need to pay attention to is that the JavaScript tutorial or the jQuery Ajax tutorial you want to use has as many examples and step by step instructions as possible. Sometimes a single jQuery book is not enough for web design. Be aware that the best way to learn jQuery is by looking at as many jQuery examples as humanly possible.

Learning jQuery Book – More Info

jQuery and Javascript books
This is the third edition of the book and you can find it both as a paperback and as a Kindle version. All concepts of the jQuery library is presented separately, in a beginner and then in an advanced manner.

jQuery Compressed Learning Book – More Info

jQuery Compressed Learning Book
As the name might suggest, this is the kindle version of the book and it has about 150 pages. This is the second edition of the book and it deals with jQuery 1.10.1 and 2.0.2 versions.

jQuery Hotshot Book – More Info

jQuery Hotshot Book
This book presents 10 projects created with jQuery 1.9 and they are meant to help you master this library. The projects in this printed book will also help you with plugins, user interfaces and more.

jQuery UI Learning Book – More Info

jQuery UI Learning Book
While there is a lot of code presented here as an example those who want to improve their websites will find this task a piece of cake while reading this guide. The book has over 200 pages packed with useful tips and tricks.

jQuery in Action Book – More Info

jQuery in Action jQuery and Javascript books
What many web creators do not know is that jQuery shortens the considerably a code of 20 lines to about 3 or 4 lines. The coding becomes easier to read and allows any errors to be easier to spot and fix.

Learning jQuery Learning Book – More Info

Learning jQuery Learning Book
This is another guide you should own if you want to create an interactive website. This is the first edition of the book, having been published in May 2013, thus its content is as fresh as possible.

JavaScript jQuery Lost Manual – More Info

JavaScript jQuery Lost Manual
If you already know some web design you know then that the language used can be quite difficult. This Lost Manual uses a language that is easy to understand even by those who just begin walking this interesting path.

jQuery Cookbook Solutions – More Info

jQuery Cookbook Solutions
There are many people who can learn faster if they have examples in front of them. This book has examples, solutions to the most common errors and more. Seeing how to create tabs, accordions and other UI elements was never easier.

Head First jQuery Book – More Info

Head First jQuery Book
Here you can get the original edition of this printed book aimed at helping you improve your website, especially its appearance and its functionality. Having over 500 pages you might want the Kindle version.

Learning Web Design Beginners – More Info

Learning Web Design Beginners
Learning something new is always a good thing to do and a web design is a highly sought skill. Use this book to start your path on this high rewarding career, especially if you are a beginner.

Murachs JavaScript jQuery – More Info

Murachs JavaScript jQuery
jQuery is used by almost any website you encounter, and the more popular it is, the chances for it to use this library increase. While jQuery might seem difficult to learn alone, here is a book that tries to make it easy for you.

JavaScript JQuery Interactive Front End – More Info

JavaScript JQuery Interactive Front End
There are people who learn better when using visual material such as images or videos. This book makes use of many colored images for a more interactive approach to learning jQuery at home.

JavaScript Good Parts Book – More Info

JavaScript jQuery and Javascript books
Dealing with programs that only have good parts is impossible and this book will show you some of the bad aspects jQuery has. The bad jQuery elements are the ones to ruin your programming or coding so avoiding these aspects is possible only by knowing which ones they are.

Professional JavaScript for Developers – More Info

Professional JavaScript for Developers
If you are just beginning your career as an application developer, then you must get this book as it reveals everything you need to know about using jQuery, at this stage. This is the third edition of the book, so it contains updated information.

jQuery Mobile Running Book – More Info

jQuery Mobile Running Book
When you create an application meant for a certain type of device, users of other devices will also want to benefit from it. This guide will teach you how to make your application friendly towards all devices.

Javascript Beginners Learning Book – More Info

Javascript Beginners Learning Book
This guide will teach you how to program or how to improve the website you run. Of course, learning a brand new skill might even improve your chances of getting a different job, so what are you waiting for, to get this book?

Modern JavaScript Develop Book – More Info

Modern JavaScript Develop Book
This book is aimed at beginners when it comes to Java as it contains clear examples with pictures and step by step instructions. Various other tips are shared to exemplify the best practices with the purpose or developing skills that can actually be used when working with jQuery.

JavaScript Patterns Learning Book – More Info

JavaScript Patterns Learning Book
JavaScript Patterns is a guide aimed at the more advanced Java programmers while showing them what are the best practices when it comes to this script. This guide also has some solutions to Java specific issues.

Functional JavaScript Book – More Info

Functional JavaScript jQuery and Javascript books
In case you found the jQuery code looking a little bit odd and complicated, with the help of this book this will no longer be the case. You will learn how to write a clean code that is easy to follow and work with.

jQuery Basics JavaScript Programmer – More Info

jQuery Basics JavaScript Programmer
The jQuery versions used for this basic programmer guide are 1.10.2 and 2.0.3 while using step by step explanations and minimum repetitions. Basic notions of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are needed before reading this ebook.

jQuery Pocket reference Book – More Info

jQuery Pocket reference Book
This guide will open your eyes to some jQuery uses that are not implemented as much as they should. Several visual effects and animations are just some of the tricks you will be learning with this book.

jQuery UI Mobile Learning Book – More Info

jQuery UI Mobile Learning Book
Learning how to create cross platform applications and how to make them mobile friendly as well, has never been more easy. This book comes with practical examples that can even be downloaded for a better understanding.

JavaScript and HTML5 Book – More Info

JavaScript and HTML5 Book
This Kindle edition book is free of charge currently and will show how to bring the best in your HTML5 coding by using the JavaScript. You will learn about how to create animations, games and other effects.

Pro jQuery Learning Book – More Info

Pro jQuery Learning Book
Not many books explain why jQuery is such a special and popular JavaScript library, but this one does. This book will show you how to simplify your coding while enriching the display of tables, forms and other data.

jQuery Novice to Ninja Book – More Info

jQuery Novice to Ninja jQuery and Javascript books
This is the second edition to this book and it includes jQuery 1.6 techniques. For a better understanding, the authors included a complete code for you to take a look at and practice on.

Learning jQuery Fourth Jonathan Chaffer Book – More Info

Learning jQuery Fourth Jonathan Chaffer Book
This book allows you to choose your format: digital for Kindle or printed book and presents simple jQuery techniques that require minimal knowledge when it comes to programming. One needs to know some basic HTML and CSS before starting the jQuery path.

Written by Liam Dang