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Everyone wants to learn the latest news as soon as they are out and many websites are created simply to share the news. A newspaper blog needs to always stay on top but there is a lot of competition out there so achieving just that can be difficult. If you are a freelance journalist and want to start your career by creating a news website, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Beside the latest news, a website must also sport the latest features such as to have a responsive design or integrated social media options. The responsive WordPress themes can be viewed on various devices like tablets and smartphones and are not limited to desktops. The magazine templates usually feature many layout choices, and the latest HTML5 templates will bring a modern touch to any new website.

Do not forget that a website with a creative design will be much more appealing to the target audience and will quickly become popular. Of course, there is much more to that and thus WordPress blog themes were created. The top WordPress themes’ designers know what people are looking for and are always searching for new methods of meeting their demands.

As you build up your first website from scratch, choose a free WordPress news theme that will help you save money until your site gains enough traffic. There are quite a few sites out there that offer free themes for news websites so you will be able to find one that you like and easily edit later. Remember to make your theme unique and reflective of your style and personality.

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Hot Topix Modern WP News Theme

Hot Topix WordPress Magazine Theme
This modern looking theme for an online magazine is responsive, ready to be translated and has all the latest and highly seeked for features. Making use of the tabs at the top of the page will help you better organize the content you want to present. Just check it out!
Live Preview / Download Hot Topix

Nexus Responsive WordPress News Theme

Nexus Responsive WordPress News Theme
A template that breaks the barrier between browsers, included .mo and .po files so the translation of the theme will be as easy as 1,2,3 and many more features you might not have thought about till now. It will take you a short time to decide if you want this theme or not!
Live Preview / Download Nexus Theme

Spot News WordPress Template

Spot News WordPress Template
The biggest advantage of using this theme is that if anyone else will use it nobody can tell they do. The homepage can be made to look as unique as you can possibly think of, the pages have 7 layout templates, and there is no limit to the used colors, fonts or sidebars.
Live Preview / Download Spot News

Codilight News Style Design

What are you hoping to develop: an online magazine or a personal blog? Regardless, this theme can make both look as amazing on a mobile device or on your desktop at home. The live demo will highlight its best features so you can be sure you are not cheated.
More Info Codilight

Pravda WordPress Blog and News Theme

Pravda WordPress Blog and News Theme
Pravda offers many shortcodes, widgets, custom sidebars and other features that allow you to build a really nice looking news website. The template uses the very popular Twitter Bootstrap and looks just as amazing on any screen size. This theme should be checked out!
Live Preview / Download Pravda Theme

Newssetter News WordPress Theme

NewsSetter WordPress News Theme
This theme is best fit for a blog, but it can be successfully used by a news site as well. To have this theme, all you have to do is to click a button and then wait a few minutes. The images resize automatically, you get custom widgets and many jQuery functions you will find useful.
Live Preview / Download Newssetter

Spaces Responsive News Theme

Spaces is a grid based theme for any blogger but this means that any type of content can be posted, including news or magazine articles. The overall appearance of this theme is futuristic, there are 3 color schemes available and many more features waiting for you to discover.
Live Preview / Download Spaces Theme

Technews WP Template

Tech News WordPress Magazine and Blog
This theme is bbPress compatible, allows the homepage to be build with the drag and drop of the wanted widgets from the available ones and the site personalization does not stop here. You do not have to worry about using the theme or its features as the download includes several guides.
Live Preview / Download Technews Theme

Simplemag Responsive News Theme

Simplemag Magazine WordPress Template
Probably the best way to be convinced a product is good for you is to see it first in action, for free. There are jsut a few words to be said before you check out this theme: it is responsive, has a minimal appearance and comes with many features you will like.
Live Preview / Download Simplemag

Anchor Theme for News

Anchor Theme for News
This theme can be installed with the click of a button, is mobile friendly, has automatic updates, just how nice is this feature? And you can even sell products related to the content you post. Lastly, you guessed it, this template is a multipurpose one, so enjoy it!
Live Preview / Download Anchor Theme

Bolid WordPress Theme

Bolid WordPress Theme
Many online magazines will find this theme really useful for their needs: it is responsive, has shortcodes generator, Many Google web fonts and several post formats to meet the needs of the pickiest out there. The theme can be translated easily in your own language.
Live Preview / Download Bolid

News Time WP Template

News Time WordPress Theme
The homepage created with this template can look just like you want it to. The theme can be translated into your own language while the control panel is intuitive enough to help you edit the website. There are more color schemes available and you can make use of the build in ad monetization as well.
More Info News time

Jarida News Magazine Blog WP Theme

Jarida WordPress Magazine Theme
Jarida has at least 35 custom widgets for you to use, support for right to left writing, unlimited colors and sidebars and much more. Of course the theme is responsive but what you cannot find in many other themes are the 7 templates for a single page that Jarida offers.
Live Preview / Download Jarida Theme

WP bold News Responsive Theme

WP-Bold Clean WordPress News Theme
This WordPress theme come with many widgets so that your content is complete. You have a YouTube video widget, a subscription form one and a featured page one, just to name a few. Check out all of itf features to be convinced this theme is what you need for your news site.
Live Preview / Download WP bold

Blue Blog WordPress News Theme

Blog Blue Blog WordPress Theme
Powerful admin panel, simple slide show, clean theme design, unlimited colors, shortcode support and many more features. Shortly, Blue blog is a theme that will help you build the perfect news website, though it offers support for other type of content as well.
Live Preview / Download Blue blog

WP Critique News Theme

WP critique News Theme
This theme has been created mainly for those who want to review products, however it can adapt to any other type of content with no difficulty. There are several sliders included in this theme, and some of them are to display the most important posts.
Live Preview / Download WP Critique

News WordPress Responsive Template

News WordPress Responsive Template
This is an updated theme, version 1.0.3 and it comes with many widgets, such as a social counter, a login form, best reviews and many more. Of course, the theme is easy to personalize and if you encounter problems you have free support.
Live Preview / Download News Theme

WP Prosper News Theme

WP Prosper WordPress Theme
There are more types of websites that could use this premium theme, one of them being that of a magazine. There is a slider which will highlight the page or pages you want to promote more, up to 2 pages at once, a slider for the featured video or image.
Live Preview / Download WP Prosper

Rush Responsive Magazine Theme

Rush Responsive Magazine Theme
Rush is a responsive theme that has a boxed and a wide width, comes with custom backgrounds and sidebars. There is no limit to the colors to choose from and the posts will appear on 2 columns and everything posted can be shared fast on any social site.
Live Preview / Download Rush Theme

News Magazine WP Template

Magazinly News Editorial WP Template
In this theme, the titles of the articles are coded as headers. The theme uses the latest SEO plugins, smart block content with up to 3 columns. Any video posted can be easily downloaded if it is hosted on YouTube or Vimeo.
Live Preview / Download News Magazine

Juno Responsive WordPress News Theme

Juno Responsive WordPress News Theme
Juno may have less custom widgets than others, just 18, but not everyone feels the need for many widgets. To make up for them, you’re provided with unlimited colors, sidebars and Google web fonts. in addition, each post has unlimited options as well.
Live Preview / Download Juno Theme

Amzola WordPress News Theme

Amzola WordPress News Theme
Amzola looks like an artistic type of website and this is perfect for any type of site especially for those making use of many pictures. The layout can be arranged in almost any way you want, though some page templates have been included as well. Check out the live demo.
More Info Amzola Theme

Starmag News and Magazine Template

StarMag News Magazine Theme
Starmag has unlimited colors, a jQuery contact form equipped with a captcha code against automated posts and 26 custom widgets. It also uses integrated videos, slideshows, galleries and many more features, all in high demand. The theme is not difficult to use, but you still get a video guide to it.
Live Preview / Download Starmag Theme

Enpine WordPress Responsive News Theme

Enpine WordPress Responsive News Theme
If you want a creative theme for your blog or news website, then you might give this theme a thought. The theme allows more layout styles, but each of them will feature an image and a little bit of text. Pay attention to the license you will purchase, as there are more of them, all with different options.
More Info Enpine Template

Rojo WordPress Theme

Rojo WordPress Theme
All the posts have a rating system, just like most of the other themes presented here. the theme itself is ready to be indexed by the search engines or translated into various languages. Of course, accessing the site created with this theme, on any device will pose no issues.
Live Preview / Download Rojo Theme

Daphne Blog Magazine Theme

Daphne Blog Magazine Theme
Blogs, magazine and news sites alike can make use of this theme. It allows the comments to be posted through Facebook, but other social sites buttons are also used. It is built on the popular Bootstrap framework, is responsive and translation ready.
Live Preview / Download Daphne Template

Fearless WordPress Responsive Theme

Fearless WordPress Responsive Theme
This theme has 7 layouts to offer, 5 blogroll styles, is responsive and comes with a category styler. If you want custom widgets or premium features, you get those as well. The theme is easy to install and to edit, and it can be sued for any news website.
Live Preview / Download Fearless

Worldwide Magazine WP Theme

World Wide Magazine WP Theme
Worldwide has 7 layouts for the blog, 5 custom styles for the posts and is SEO ready. The PSD file contains only the homepage layout, but the rest of the pages are easily built with drag and drop of the desired elements.
Live Preview / Download Worldwide Theme

Legatus News and Magazine Template

Legatus Responsive News Magazine Theme
This theme allows the homepage to be build with the drag and drop function, it allows to save the layouts you liked the most and to reuse them at a later time and the Java script is used only if it appears on the page. Legatus is responsive and has more features waiting for you to check out.
Live Preview / Download Legatus Theme

TD Magazine WordPress News Theme

TD Magazine WordPress News Theme
A responsive, clean layout, with 2 menu sections, more than 2 columns, support for the newsletters and more, this theme will give you the tools to get your news website up and running in no time. You get 7 skin colors by default and 3 options for the background.
Live Preview / Download TD Magazine

Primo News WP Template

Primo News WP Template
The appearance of your news website is important across browsers and screen sizes. This easy to install and edit theme takes all your worries away as it has been carefully designed with the user-end in mind. This theme is a must have.
Live Preview / Download Primo News

Old Car Responsive News Grid Theme

Old Car Responsive News Grid Theme
Old Car is a multipurpose theme and it focuses on showcasing one’s portfolio. If you want to present news in images, as an image can speak 1000 words, then you will need this website template. All the features you might be interested in, are integrated in this theme.
Live Preview / Download Old Car

Presto Powerful Responsive WordPress Theme

Presto Powerful Responsive WordPress Theme
Do you need a website that is translation ready, has 6 different, clean layouts, responsive layout and a homepage build with widgets? Then this is the theme you must use! It comes with unlimited colors, RTL support and more than 20 custom widgets.
Live Preview / Download Presto

Flavor Responsive News Theme

Flavor Responsive News Theme
You might think that Flavor is not powerful enough for your news related website, but you are wrong. Its features are identical to those of the well established news websites and it is AJAX enhanced. Get this powerful minisite builder and prepare to be surprised!
Live Preview / Download Flavor Theme

Reportage Responsive WordPress Theme

Reportage Responsive WordPress Theme
With this theme you can have an unique looking home page, by making use of the 23 widgets with the drag and drop function. Of course, the theme is responsive and is perfect for any website dealing with sharing news.
Live Preview / Download Reportage Theme

Powermag WordPress Theme

PowerMag Magazine Reviews WordPress Theme
This theme allows the display of the images in a gray scale, is SEO ready, translation ready and, of course, responsive. Make sure to take a look at the many widgets that allow the creation of many different looking sites. Its creators announced an update including mobile friendly ads.
Live Preview / Download Powermag Theme

Ciola Premium Responsive News Theme

Ciola Premium Responsive News Theme
The creators of ciola take into consideration the requests of its users and try to implement them as fast as possible. This theme has many features you really should check out. Just keep in mind that this theme can be used for a few types of websites, but the online magazines will like it best.
Live Preview / Download Ciola Theme

Official Responsive News Theme

Official Responsive News Theme
Official comes with unlimited colors to choose from, more than 20 widgets, RTL support and a powerful admin panel. This easy to setup theme is also SEO and Woocommerce ready, responsive and designed to receive notifications about the available updates.
Live Preview / Download Official Theme

Written by David Nguyen