Best Books for Learn Logo Design

Creating a website from scratch is not always easy. Most people choose to first learn web designing or programming while others prefer to create logos. Sometimes being able to do both is ideal. If you want to be able to create a creative logo for a website, buying logo design books will definitely help you on the long run. In order to make a living as a logo creator or a web designer you will need some logo design tips that will help you improve your services.

Nowadays the web design has become more complex compared to a decade ago and the best logos are customized as to fit the profile of the business. The appropriate books will offer you details on how to successfully learn logo design in general and business logo design, specifically. After getting an idea of what you can do, you can start creating your own. Logo design is not a very hard thing to learn as long as you are a creative person and there are many places where you can get logo design inspiration.

Designing a new logo that will be appreciated by a wide audience does not only mean a pretty picture but also needs to send the appropriate message. If you already offer your services, researching the brands who hired you is necessary. It is recommended you make a connection with the brand’s image and then create a custom logo design for it. A successful logo designer also knows how to search online and get inspiration along with keeping the first sketches for later use. Even when the projects change, you may find older material you can use for a new assignment.

Letterhead and Logo Design Book – MORE INFO

Letterhead and Logo Design Book
This book comes in a hardcover edition and will let you in the art of creating logos that are appreciated by everyone. The Letterhead and Logo Design guide features logos and design of the best artists out there.

Logo Design Learn Book – MORE INFO

Logo Design Learn Book
The second volume of the Logo Design book gives you even more info on how to be creative when designing logos for your business. The book goes deeper into studying the more important brands on the market.

Letterhead and Logo Design – MORE INFO

Letterhead and Logo Design
Letterhead and Logo Design is a hardcover guide on logos and provides inspiration on how to design the best logos. You have it all in this book: gorgeous images, the right techniques and much more.

Design DNA Logos – MORE INFO

Design DNA Logos
If you are a new designer you will find the Design DNA Logo book extremely useful in teaching you the latest tips and tricks. The guide also takes to analyze the best logos out there and explaining things in very clear steps.

Logo Design Book – MORE INFO

Logo Design Book
Logo Design for Small Business is an easy to comprehend logo book written for any small business. The book is also a reliable beginner’s guide and it is a must have for any new designer.


LOGO Design Midi Series
LOGO Design is a paperback edition logo guide that teaches you the importance of designing an attractive logo. By reading this book you will get a clear idea of how to design the best logos and take your business to a new level.

Logo Brainstorm Book – MORE INFO

Logo Brainstorm Book
The Logo Brainstorm Book is sure to provide you with the inspiration you need should you lack it. The book features many different logos as well as explains what brands are usually searching for.

Logo Font & Lettering Bible – MORE INFO

Logo Font & Lettering Bible
Make sure to purchase a copy of the Logo, Font & Lettering Bible if you want to learn how to create logos both in the traditional way or on the computer. This guide also helps any up and coming designer train their eyes.

Logo Design Workbook – MORE INFO

Logo Design Workbook
Logo Design Workbook does more than simply showing you logos. The guide explains in details just what makes a logo work and how to glamorize it in order to sell a product.

Logo Design That Works – MORE INFO

Logo Design That Works
The Logo Design That Works guide includes over 100 different logos that will give you insight and train your eyes. The book teaches you how to create the best designs and comes in a paperback edition.

Logo Design Love Book – MORE INFO

Logo Design Love Book
This book has more than a simple guide and offers you an alternative view on logos. If you want to make it in the business, the book will teach you what each brand is searching.

Logo Creed Learn Logo Design – MORE INFO

Logo Creed Learn Logo Design
This useful and easy to understand handbook shows you hundreds of different logos as well as providing you with tips and tricks. The guide has a paperback cover and is easy to carry anywhere you go.

LogoLounge 4 Book – MORE INFO

LogoLounge 4 Book
LogoLounge 4 has already reached its 4th volume and goes deeper into understanding logos. The collection includes over 2000 logos along with explanations and suits both newcomers and web design professionals.

LogoLounge Guide Book – MORE INFO

LogoLounge Guide Book
You will surely not be disappointed in the LogoLounge guide. The book is a collection of all the previous volumes including all the logos shown before. You can turn its pages every time you lack inspiration on how to design a new logo.

The Logo Brainstorm Book – MORE INFO

The Logo Brainstorm Book
The Logo Brainstorm Book guide is a beginner’s guide that will show you the basics of logo design. With many amazing pictures and detailed tips, this guide is one of the best books on the market.

Written by Liam Dang