Option Tree: WordPress Admin Options Plugin

OptionTree WordPress admin plug-in provides an easy way to rewrite text and edit links that shows up all throughout a site without the need to edit all the template files and custom themes. It can be used to edit links and texts of a client or another person’s site by going to the admin options panel and integrating it into the other site’s theme. What’s wonderful with this WordPress admin options plug-in is that you can easily remove it from the client’s site after finishing the work.

Option Tree WordPress admin options plug-in endeavours to connect the gap between web designers, web developers and users by solving the admin user Interface drawbacks that surface when building a custom made WordPress theme. It is very easy to integrate it as a plug-in or straight into a template.

Option Tree WordPress Admin Options Plugin

Option Tree WordPress Admin Options Plugin

A limited programming skill is no longer a problem for web designers. They can now create more visually captivating themes by integrating this plug in to their admin options panel. Option Tree is a must for programmers as well. There’s no more need to rebuild the wheel and start from scratch again for every new project. Creating a wide variety of Theme Options compatible with any project and using them as you see them fit is now breeze easy. Just add Option Tree to your settings page and it will be accessible via the theme options page.

Option Tree includes the capacity to Import or export every one of the theme options and all data and make them available for use with custom made theme for further expansion and website improvement. By utilizing the Import/Export feature, a theme can be produced on a live server in just a matter of minutes. Creating different theme versions is now possible for theme authors as well as including them with their download.

Setting up distinct theme fashions and options is now very easy. It is because a user can install this plug in or either add their own settings in their WordPress admin options or simply import their defaults.

Option Tree 2.0 offers a new feature that gives user the ability to plug it in directly to their themes root directory. It doesn’t only assure to have the plug in installed but users also get the ability to directly interact with Option Tree via their settings and metabox. Users can instruct option Tree the settings they wish to use and nobody can alter the chosen themes by changing the settings in the UI builder. Truly nobody does it better than Option Tree!

Settings in the UI builder

Settings in the UI builder

Overall, this plug in has received 4.7 out 5 rating. Users utilizing this WordPress admin options plug-in for years agree that it is “the most outstanding theme extender of all.” First time users say that this plug in has “dramatically reduced their coding.” What’s noticeable among the users’ comments is its flexibility. A user commented that he uses this plug in on the many sites that he supports. He said it’s now “very easy to add extra options to an existing WordPress installation.” Those who like to use child themes can easily upgrade to parent themes as it doesn’t hurt the users to have additional extra options to keep them separate things as they go forward with their theme creation. Those who tried other plug ins before trying on Option Tree say with one accord that this is “ridiculously easy to use, equipped with impressive features and deserves nothing less than 5 stars”. Another user commented that this plug-in helps her make a really great looking interface to her theme options. She said further that the “functions are pretty easy to use and it comes with decent documentation. Option Tree plug is worthy of recommendation

The largest WordPress theme marketplace on the web, Theme Forest is sponsoring this plug-in. It was initially envisaged to assist authors of Theme Forest to speedily power up their themes. But this plug–in is now available for everyone to utilize and enjoy.

Download: Option Tree WordPress Plugin

Written by David Nguyen