15+ Free Tutorials for Create Responsive Menu

When you create a responsive website you need to use a responsive menu as well. It’s actually the menu that makes the site responsive or not. Many times the menu will not function as what it intends to be which may be caused by a faulty installation. Should you have someone else design your website and noticed that something does not work right, you can try and fix it yourself. Creating a tree menu is really easy, but making sure it is responsive is a bit complicated.

A responsive navigation is actually a menu that will work no matter what browser you’re using. While most people will use two main browsers, there are a few who use others and their favorite sites won’t work. If your site uses a dropdown menu, depending on the browser, it may or may not open. Should it open, you may not be able to click any link. Most people prefer the vertical menu for their sites, but here you can find at least one CSS3 tutorial for a horizontal menu, should you need one.

While everyone might know just how to create an HTML menu or a CSS3 menu for Firefox, they might realize that Safari doesn’t know how to work with it. The menu might look all nice on your computer but your tablet messes it up. Choose any responsive menu tutorial from below to learn how these issues are fixed. You’ll see that the code for a dropdown menu in CSS language looks simpler than the HTML one, but you’ll need to get used to both.

A Simple Responsive Mobile First Navigation – View here

Responsive web design Tutorial
This free tutorial is easy to comprehend and focuses on teaching you how to do it rather than use detailed visuals. Straight to the point, the tutorial is suitable for beginners who need a quick step by step guide for their mobile. The tutorial does not use JavaScript and takes one back to the basics.

Responsive menu CSS3 Tutorial – View here

Responsive menu CSS3
The tutorial is designed not only for computer use but also for mobile applications and takes into consideration people who are always on the go. The color palette is an eye popping orange and blue. This free tutorial includes css3 features and is designed to fit any screen resolution out there.

Creating a CSS3 Responsive Menu – View here

Creating a CSS3 Responsive Menu
This tutorial features a blue background and will teach you how to design a proper navigation menu that fits any screen resolution, be it mobile or computer. Specifically designed for mobile use, the tutorial includes css features and works its way up from the 320 x 480 screen resolution. A step by step guide is available for beginners.

A 3 Line Menu Tutorial – View here

A 3 Line Menu Tutorial
This tutorial is a good option for beginners who want to learn how to create a 3 line responsive menu. The tutorial includes a jQuery plugin and shows you how to design a page for mobile use in a comprehensive, step by step walk-through. It can be used on different screen sizes, starting with the smallest one.

Mean Menu Tutorial – View here

This easy on the eye plug-in looks minimal and includes everything you need to know about creating a responsive menu. The plug-in features different menu options (hide or show), allows you to control the screen resolution that fits your device best, and is of course easy to set up. The tutorial can be downloaded in a zip file.

Dropdown Responsive Menu – View here

Dropdown Responsive Menu
This tutorial allows you to see how easy is to create a responsive menu with the latest css features. The layout can be changed as to fit either smartphone screens or desktop ones, and a demo is available for download. The tutorial uses the jQuery plug-in and an easy HTML guide.

Big Menu Small Screen – View here

Big Menu Small Screen
This is a tutorial that will teach you how to design a responsive menu in about 30 minutes or less. The tutorial is designed for mobile devices but desktops can also use it. It makes use of CSS features and jQuery but stays easy to comprehend for people who never designed a menu before.

Web Navigation Tutorial – View here

Web Navigation Tutorial
If you want to learn how to create a responsive navigation menu, check out this easy tutorial. It includes CSS3 media queries and takes you from the beginning to the end, explaining step by step how to design your menu for a mobile device. The tutorial features a fresh design on a dark colored background.

Mobile First Menu – View here

Mobile First Menu
A responsive menu can be easily created by using this free for all tutorials. Featuring the mobile first approach, this tutorial includes an HTML guide and a walk through the most important parts when creating a new menu suitable for smartphones. A guide for desktops is also available to computer users.

Simple Responsive Menu Tutorial – View here

Simple Responsive Menu Tutorial
Do you need a quick guide on how to create a responsive menu? Then, this tutorial is what you should download. It doesn’t involve Java and it’s not as complex as other tutorials but will still show you how to design your page. You can download the demo first and decide if it’s the right choice for you.

jPanel Menu Design – View here

jpanel menu
This plug-in will create a menu that works best with the mobile applications. You first have to download the jPanel menu and then to follow the instructions found here. You can find out how to animate it, how to include or exclude elements and much more!

Progressive and Responsive Navigation – View here

Progressive and Responsive Navigation
This step by step tutorial on how to create a responsive menu that works on any browser and on any device. You have the HTML code shown and then each tool and step explained. It’s impossible not to understand, however, you must study the previous steps as well if you want to become a web designer or you want to create your own site to save money.

A Responsive Navigation – View here

A Responsive Navigation
It’s a long time since we could use a simple unorganized list as the navigation for the site. Now we need a responsive menu that looks nice no matter the device and the browser. This page will show each steps taken to create such navigation as well as the final result. You can edit the code and use it for your website.

CSS3 Menu Tutorial – View here

CSS3 Menu Tutorial
This tutorial doesn’t have much explaining but the HTML and the CSS3 code. Taking a look at the live demo of the menu is the only way to understand the code itself. You can download the code in a package for easy installation on your website.

CSS Responsive Navigation – View here

CSS Responsive Navigation
This tutorial shows you how to turn a regular menu in a dropdown one. Of course, if you have a really big menu, using this tutorial and code will make your website look much neater. Of course the pictures will show you what the final “product” looks like as well to decide faster if it fits your site’s style or not.

Topdrawer CSS3 Menu Tutorial – View here

Topdrawer CSS3 Menu Tutorial
If you prefer the CSS coding over the animated JavaScript for menus and such, then this tutorial is right for you. You’re presented with the tools you need as well as how each of them works for the desired result. Both the CSS and the HTML codes are presented for you to analyze.

Horizontal Responsive Mavigation – View here

Horizontal Responsive Mavigation
Sometimes we just need a horizontal menu for our websites. This tutorial shows you how it’s done as a jQuery plug-in. Of course additional CSS and HTML coding is presented as to see how’s done based on the coding language used. You can have the horizontalNav enabled or disabled and the demo shows the difference between them.

Pull Down for Navigation – View here

Pull Down for Navigation
This tutorial is meant to teach you how to make a navigation or menu that can be used on a mobile or on really narrow screens. The languages used are CSS and jQuery and it introduces the pull down to refresh or to navigate principle. Of course, you’ll better understand the concepts if you take a look at the demo.

Responsive Design Menu – View here

Responsive Design Menu
The responsive navigation is explained in detail, so if you didn’t understand anything from the previous tutorials, this time you will for sure. You can see the codes used as well as the result as seen by the users. The author nicely shows how you can play with the code and what will the results be.

A Drop Down Menu Tutorial – View here

A Drop Down Menu Tutorial
This tutorial is for a menu that works in various browsers. This is a drop down style menu that looks quite stylish and doesn’t need javascript to function as it should. The tutorial comes in 2 parts and the default style shown is for screens with a resolution under 600px.

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