45+ Cool Wallpapers – Best Free Wallpaper for Desktop

Do you want really cool wallpapers for your computer? Look no more, here you will find a large collection of cool wallpapers. Everyone has different tastes when it comes to a beautiful wallpaper should look like and this is why here you’ll find landscapes, animals, babies, cars and more. In addition, if you think that free wallpaper is the best you could own, you’re definitely not leaving until you see them all.

You shouldn’t worry about using these images as your desktop wallpaper when you actually have a laptop because generally there’s been no difference mentioned for these two types of gadgets. Any computer wallpaper can be successfully used on your notebook.

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The best wallpapers come in more screen sizes, resolutions and formats at to be used on several devices and not just a laptop or a desktop. Most of the free wallpaper (backgrounds) found here, meet this requirement and this is why there is no mention of this characteristic. Using your favorite search engine to find some more free desktop backgrounds, is not a very bad idea especially if you liked a specific image and you want more similar ones. Remember that while “free pc wallpaper” and “free desktop wallpaper” mean the same thing the search results you get with them may differ a little.

Lamborghini Veneno Wallpaper – Download: 2650×1600

Lamborghini Veneno Wallpaper
This amazing HD wallpaper featuring a Lamborghini Veneno will fill your need for speed and can be downloaded for free.

Grand Canyon Arizona – Download here

Grand Canyon Arizona
There no is better way to relax other than by getting this Grand Canyon wallpaper. It features mountains and the brown tones relax the eyes.

Snow Lion – ZIP download, 4.8 MB

Snow Lion
The lovely Snow Lion wallpaper will make you feel empowered. The wallpaper is compatible with mobile devices as well as tablets.

Water Nature Wallpaper – 2560 x 1920

Water Nature Wallpaper
Relax and enjoy the nature all around you while looking at this wallpaper. It features birds flying over a peaceful looking lake.

BMW RR motorcycle – View 1680 x 1050

BMW RR motorcycle
This wallpaper will make you wish you go on a ride. It features a motorcycle and the city lights at nighttime.

Winter Sunshine Free Wallpaper – Download here

Winter Sunshine Free Wallpaper
If you like sunsets, the seaside and winter you can admire them both in this amazingly beautiful wallpaper. What else can you wish for?

Are we there yet? – 1600 x 1200

Wallpaper Are We There Yet ElephantsThis looks like a family of elephants and they just made it to the river. for your curiosity, it’s the baby elephant asking if they reached their destination.

Lamborghini Aventador J concept – Download 3360 x 1050

Lamborghini Aventador J concept
The car is red and seen on a racetrack. The best way to describe it in this image is: a red spaceship.

Winter Scene Wallpaper – Download: 2048 x 1536

Winter Scene Wallpaper
Is it too hot outside? Then looking at this wallpaper will make you change your mind about the weather.

Ferrari F430 Wallpaper – Download here

Ferrari F430
If you don’t love cars you might not be able to appreciate this high quality image. You should get it for someone who does.

2009 Triumph Rocket III Touring – Download 1920 x 1200

2009 Triumph Rocket III Touring
There are 2 types of people in the world: those who love cars and those who love motorcycles. This wallpaper is for the 2nd group.

Elephant Wallpaper – Download JPG 1920 × 1200

Elephant Wallpaper
This image is so crisp you’d think that the elephant will come out of the screen at any moment now.

Waterfall in the forest – Download 1920×1200

Waterfall in the forest
This wallpaper has a truly breathtaking image with a waterfall in the forest. take a look and see for yourself!

Step into my dream – Download here

Step into my dream
The author of this image really dreamt of a desert with a green in the middle. They were either feeling lonely or creative, or both.

Silent Winter Wallpaper – Download 1600×1200

Silent Winter Wallpaper
This wallpaper with a village covered in thick snow will make you think of your childhood fairytales.

Baby guitar – Download 1152 x 864

Baby Guitar Desktop Background
If you think your kids are noisy you should be happy they’re not playing the guitar like this baby rockstar.

Two lovely puppies – Download 1920×1200

Two lovely puppies
These 2 bichon dogs are really lovely. They sit on a pool of autumn leaves while looking up, learning how to pose like models do.

Lion Free Wallpaper – Download ZIP download, 4.5 MB

Lion Free Wallpaper
The image with this male lion can be downloaded in resolutions fit for more screen sizes and more types of devices.

Running black horse – Download 2560×1600

Running black horse
The name of the image says it all. The black horse is simply stunning and runs across a green field.

Nature – Original Resolution: 1600×1200

If you ever wanted to see a golden mountain, this is your chance. The other mountain looks like made of steel, but the image is too cool to pass.

Bald eagle – Download here

Bald eagle
The eagle in this image is pictures against a black background and should only be used on a computer screen.

Motorcycle Polson – Download here

Motorcycle Polson
Maybe the colors have been altered a little bit, but this image will make you want to race the highway on your bike.

London panoramic – Download ZIP download, 7.0 MB

London panoramic
This panoramic view is taken on one of the flanks of the Thames River, thus you might recognize some landmark other than the mentioned one.

Japan digital Cool Wallpaper – Download 1920 x 1200

Japan digital Cool Wallpaper
Most likely this waterfall is seen somewhere in Japan and now you have the chance of seeing it daily on your computer’s screen.

Cute baby boy – Download 2560 x 1600

Cute Baby Boy Desktop Background
the cuteness of this baby come from him wearing adult sport shoes and an adult’s baseball cap. He’s either shyly looking away or learning how to pose.

Mountains lake – Download here

Beautiful Mountains Lake
The lake looks like made of glass and the mountain behind it like made of steel. Nevertheless, this image is quite captivating.

Leopard Wallpaper for Desktop – Download JPG 2880 × 1920

Leopard Wallpaper for Desktop
Some wildlife photographer managed to capture with his camera, a leopard that wants to have some water. It’s image s perfectly reflected on the surface of the water.

Lion King – Download ZIP download, 872 KB

Lion King
This lion wallpaper is ideal for all cats lovers out there as well as for those who dream of going on a safari but can’t really go.

Paris Eiffel Tower – Download ZIP download, 337 KB

Paris Eiffel Tower
There are 3 resolutions available for this image depicting one of the easiest to recognize landmarks on the planet: the Eiffel Tower.

Landing airplane Wallpaper – Download here

Landing airplane Wallpaper
Though the image’s name says the airplane was landing, one might think that it takes off. what do you think?

Puppies Free Wallpaper – Download 1366×768

Puppies Free Wallpaper
Here you have an orange puppy and a white with some black spots one, looking very protective one towards the other.

Horse on mountain – Download 1920×1200

Horse on mountain
Here you can see a horse running on some hills or a mountain. The colors have been altered a little bit to make the image more breathtaking.

Dolphins Cool Wallpaper – Download here

Dolphins Cool Wallpaper
here you can see 4 dolphins playing. One is barely coming out of the water, one is about to reach it again and the other 2 are in full “flight.”

Galahs Flying – Download here

Galahs Flying
These colorful birds look a bit like large parrots. One of them is trying to land next to the 2nd, on a tree trunk coming out of the water.

Forest Wallpaper for Desktop – Download here

Forest Wallpaper for Desktop
All the leaves are gone from the trees in this forest and the woods’ floor is colored brown. This wallpaper is for you if you like autumn.

Baby Amanda – Download 1366 X 768

Baby Amanda
If you like pictures with babies, this might be for you. The baby girl sleeps in a basket, atop of a soft blanket and with a hat on her head.

Desert Wallpaper – Download here

Desert Wallpaper
This is a computer generated, single desert sand dune. It fits best a wide or an HD screen, but the actual screen resolutions are mentioned right on it.

Huatulco Mexico – Download ZIP download, 7.3 MB

Huatulco Mexico
Here you’ll have one of the most amazing sunsets you could imagine. The colors have been intensified a little to make you feel like you’re right on the beach.

Happy family – Download here

Happy family
This is not a happy human family, but a dolphin one, swimming happily in what appears to be some clean waters.

Desert – Download 1600×1000

Maybe this is not an actual picture of the desert, but it looks cool nevertheless. The original resolution of this image is 1600 x 1000 px.

Another day – Download JPG 5009 × 3340

Another day
This customized sunset will sure make you feel all warm on the inside while wishing you were on vacation.

Sunny summer day – Download 1920×1080

Sunny summer day
The image in this wallpaper is really crisp, making one think the landscape might not be real. The sun is shining through the branches of the tree.

Nature wallpaper – Download here

Nature wallpaper
The blue sky is nicely reflected in the perfectly still lake underneath it. The trees surrounding the lake can also be seen reflected in the mirror that is the lake.

Thailand – Download 4096×3072

The picture here is taken on some beach in Thailand. you can see an anchored boat, blue sea and skies as well as some fragments of some nearby islands.

Bennett Bridge – Download 2880 x 1800

Bennett Bridge
The William R Bennett Bridge is seen from a side, in the twilight and with many bridge light illuminating it.

Crater lake – Download here

Crater lake
A wallpaper available in many screen resolutions and for many screen sizes featuring a crater lake in a bird’s eye view.

Written by David Nguyen