20+ Great WordPress Full Width Slider Themes

Because of the limitless options that great WordPress design themes provide, many of the established agencies and photographers in the market have switched to a WordPress powered website. It removes the visual distractions from the typical websites and at the same time, it minimizes the technical jargon from your content creation. This leaves more time for your creative work. WordPress Full Width Slider Themes will allow you to display your work effectively while the viewer focuses on your content. Meanwhile, a WordPress full screen background can beautify your website and allow you to showcase your work on every millimeter of your viewer’s screen. These themes will help you customize the layout and presentation intuitively such that your time is spent more on the quality of your content.

Stepping up a notch, you can avail of a WordPress sliders plugin that allow you to presentthe various contents of your webpage on one view. A full page slider creates a multiplier effect as it maximizes your screen and makes the most of the time of your website visitor. For a feature that is optimized for the greatest impact, most fullscreenWordPress theme options are easy to install and come with reliableafter sales support. Whether you want to modify the color theme or manage the skins, a fullscreen design theme has options and menus that are easy to navigate and understand.

That is why most budding photo enthusiasts and other freelancers have also explored the various options that they can benefit from the fullscreen design of WordPress themes with sliders. Who can turn down the opportunity of transforming their website into a professional looking online portfolio? WordPress themes with sliders will change the way you interact with your viewers.Great WordPress design options will help your portfolio website stand out from the competition. The market boasts of many WordPress Full Width Slider Themes and we have made it easier for you by putting together a tried and tested list below.

Photogra Fullscreen Responsive Theme

Photogra WordPress Theme
With a clean and responsive design, this theme is compatible with most of the widely used devices. The full screen slider has 7 transition effects and is text supported. Plus, it has a custom post support for a portfolio, gallery, or slider format. A photographer will enjoy creating beautiful portfolios of his work with this WordPress theme.
Live Demo / Download Photogra Theme

Kaleido Responsive Fullscreen Studio Theme

Kaleido Responsive Fullscreen Theme
Let your creativity lead the way with the Kaledio Responsive Fullscreen Studio for WordPress. Go ahead and display your blog list full width or in 2 columns. Put that together with multi-color options and an iris color selector under the theme options. Spoil yourself with various formats whether your post is mainly in audio, video, image, or gallery.
Live Demo / Download Kaleido Theme

SmartScreen Fullscreen Responsive

Looking for a flexible and responsive fullscreenWordPress theme? This SmartScreen theme has a highly customizable and responsive layout. WPML ready, it is also WordPress 3.5 compatible. Given 20 transparent patterns, you may also change the main color, heading font, and body font. Since it is very easy to install and configure, you can launch a quality WordPress site in not time.
Live Demo / Download SmartScreen Theme

Keres Fullscreen Slider Theme

Keres Photography WordPress Theme
Especially made for photography and portfolio websites, your viewers will enjoy seeing your photo gallery in its fullscreen slideshow. Add some music and you have high quality entertainment provided to your visitors. With highly responsive design, you can choose from 8 homepage gallery styles. This will surely seal the deal for potential clients and entice more visitors to come see your site.
Live Demo / Download Keres Theme

Self Titled Responsive & Unique

Self Titled photo wordpress themes
Create amazing galleries with swipe support and enhance your images whether they are on portrait or landscape format. Desktop visitors or clients on the go will find your photographs stunning. Match it with 9 color schemes or make your own style. It also has a unique custom-written slider that allows you to play Youtube, Vimeo or a self-hosted video.
Live Demo / Download Self Titled Theme

HQ Photography Responsive WordPress Theme

HQ Photo HTML5 WordPress Template
Fully responsive and interactive, your visitors will be able to appreciate your work in any of their preferred device. Choose from a homepage with a fullscreen slider, grid gallery, static image background, or even video background. This theme presents a fullscreen gallery and a grid photo-video gallery. Any visitor will certainly remember their vivid experience from your website.
Live Demo / Download HQ Photography Theme

Vitrux Responsive Fullscreen Portfolio Theme

Vitrux Fullscreen Portfolio WP Theme
This theme allows you to build with Bootstrap from Twitter. It has an unlimited option for portfolios and galleries. Maximize its fullscreen sliders and video pages with its ability to display in 1200 pixels down to an iPhone ready format. Go forward and reach more audience with its SEO optimization and translation ready capability.
Live Demo / Download Vitrux Theme

Right Now Full Video Theme

Right Now WP Full Video
Enhanced with HTML5 and CSS3, this theme offers flexibility. Use its advanced playlist features and use the Ajax Load function for the Next and Previous functions. Working on your website can be fun with the “Draw the screen” option which allows you to navigate more easily with mouse. With its features maximized for the iPhone, iPad, and Android gadgets, it keeps in mind that most of your potential customers are also busy with other projects.
Live Demo / Download Right Now Theme

Artemis Photography Gallery Portfolio

Artemis Gallery Theme
The Artemis theme uses a fullscreen slider and a custom skin manager that transforms the look of your website. Its multiple galleries and responsive design takes your audience and your photographs to a whole new level. With 5 choices for a homepage gallery and a static content homepage support, your website can have a different look and feel whenever you want to modify it. It also has 7 gallery templates and unlimited number of skins which you can configure with your portfolio.
Live Demo / Download Artemis Theme

Chocolate Responsive Photography Theme

Chocolate WP Responsive Photography Theme
Utilize Chocolate’s fullscreen video homepage and 3 fullscreen homepage sliders. The transitions are smooth and the display is fully responsive. It even has a unique3D slideshow and 2 fullscreenslideshows. Maximize the look of your photographs with its powerful galleries or masonry layout. Sharpen your blog with its Woo Tumblog-powered post formats. It will even take your website further with its rich customization options.
Live Demo / Download Chocolate Theme

This Way Full Width Slider Theme

This Way Full Width Slider Theme
Enjoy a fullscreen image and fullscreen video background complete with audio support. It allows for easy customizatioin and displays twitter feeds and social media links. With its portfolio filter and 4 columns design options, you can redesign your website in minutes. Enhance your images with the photo lightbox and the Fireworks layered PNG files.
Live Demo / Download Way Theme

Depth Fullscreen AJAX Portfolio

Depth Photography and Portfolio WordPress Theme
Powered by AJAX, this theme has a distinct fullscreen slideshow and an animated page transition option. Tinker with visual shortcodes and custom widgets that allow you to integrate a unique layout with unlimited sidebar functionality. It offers a fresh look on your website that will leave your future clients in awe. The modern look coupled with an adaptice layout makes the viewing experience unforgettable.
Live Demo / Download Depth Theme

Eleven Responsive One Page Parallax

Eleven Responsive One Page Parallax
Go with a one page template with parallax effect. Easily customizable, this theme will exude the image of a professional, creative agency. Its polished look is further enhanced by the sortable fullscreen portfolio, fully responsive fullscreen slider and fullscreen slider video. Take advantage of its unlimited colors and the skin export/import option.
Live Demo / Download Eleven Theme

ColdFusion Fullscreen Video Image Audio

ColdFusion Fullscreen Video Image Audio
With a fully responsive design and multi touch support, one can never go wrong with the ColdFustionWordPress theme. It has an advanced audio player and has support for Youtube, Vimeo, FLV, MP4, and MOV files. Video backgrounds can even be started from a paused image. Enhanced with HTML5 and CSS3, it has 8 post formats and 12 columns design options.
Live Demo / Download ColdFusion Theme

Moreno Full Width Slider Wedding WordPress Theme

Moreno Responsive Fullscreen Wedding Theme
Especially designed for a wedding event, this WordPress theme will display your content with its natural beauty. Since it is highly responsive, almost all devices in use can access it and view the content the best way possible. Being SEO optimized and localization ready, you can take off with your website and ensure that it can be reached by many viewers across the globe.
Live Demo / Download Moreno Theme

Ego OnePage Parallax Full Width Slider Theme

Ego One page Parallax Responsive
Give your website a unique impact with Egostudio’sonepage studio theme. With its touch swipe support, fullscreen slider, and parallax effect, you will leave your viewers at awe. Its fullscreen slider even has custom captions. Show off your work with an AJAX portfolio and a matching blog. This is perfect for the startup designer or independent freelancer who knows how to highlight their talent.
Live Demo / Download Ego Theme

Flight Responsive Fullscreen Background Theme

Flight Responsive Fullscreen Background Theme
Its exclusive fly out menu will make your website memorable. Enjoy its highly responsive fullscreen slideshow background and make a distinct visual display using its textured overlays or its built-in video background. Now retina-ready, maximize its extensive and easy to understand documentation that will help you implement whatever design you had in your mind.
Live Demo / Download Flight Theme

Ablaze Responsive Full Width Slider Theme

Ablaze Responsive Full Width Slider Theme
Minimalistic design but maximum creativity is what Ablaze is known for. With a highly responsive layout, use any device and manipulate the slideshow on your touchscreen by swiping left to right. It is WordPress3.5 compatible and displays well across many browsers. It has unlimited scrolling galleries and provides a masonry layout whether your page uses a portfolio, gallery, or blog format.
Live Demo / Download Ablaze Theme

Responsive Portfolio WordPress Theme

G Responsive Portfolio WordPress Theme
G provides 6 different layouts including layouts especially designed for mobiles and tablets. YouTube and Vimeo supported, it has a minimalist finish that can be appreciated by many who puts value on content. With various theme options and unlimited colors, G is a good option for classic artists and photographers.
Live Demo / Download Responsive Theme

Full Fashion Ajax Fullscreen Theme

Full Fashion Ajax Fullscreen Theme
Get the professional theme dedicated to photographers. Since it is created using AJAX, the browser does not have to refresh every time a page is loaded. This makes for a smoother transition from page to page. Your website will definitely be more viewer friendly. Being responsive with a fullscreen background slider, no one can go wrong with their choice.
Live Demo / Download Full Fashion Theme

Mater Full Width Slider Theme

Mater Full Width Slider Theme
Transform your website by allowing Mater to configure your website to have a fullscreen image and video background. Ideally made for photographers, portfolios, and galleries, you can pick out infinite number of color schemes to suit your elegant taste. The theme is easy to install with reliable support so you can quickly launch your new website.
Live Demo / Download Mater Theme

Ghost Fullscreen Video Image Audio

Ghost Fullscreen Video Image Audio
Experience the flow of surfing with AJAX. No more modal boxes as you surf and enjoy your images and video files with an audio player. Enhanced with HTML5 and CSS3, you can enjoy the total package in your website. With a portfolio filter and features made efficient for the iPhone and Android gadgets, your potential clients will enjoy your work.
Live Demo / Download Ghost Theme

AutoFocus Photograpy with Geotagging

AutoFocus Photograpy with Geotagging
It provides for a fullscreen slideshow and a responsive design. Geotagging allows you to plot location coordinates on widget maps which travel photographers will appreciate. Travel agencies, travel enthusiasts, and even excited tourists will enjoy this theme. You can even provide a location and the galleries geotagged on that location will appear.
Live Demo / Download AutoFocus Theme

Agora Incredible Showcase Theme

Agora Incredible Showcase Theme
Launch your website with creative full width sliders, interesting galleries, and amazing effects. Choose from 13 page templates and 4 portfolio displays. Theme options can be intuitively modified along with custom backgrounds and widgets. Creative minds in fashion, architecture, and photography will know how to take advantage of its numerous features.
Live Demo / Download Agora Theme

Flowfolio Full Width Slider Theme

Flowfolio Full Width Slider Theme
This theme is fully responsive will fullscreen portfolio features. Ideal for showcasing beautiful photographs or presenting an online magazine, Flowfolio can turn your website to an art of work by itself. Aside from beautiful transitions, it provides for different post formats according to your changing requirements. Choose from 60+ options whether you are tinkering with Google fonts, post sorting, page lists, or color styling.
Live Demo / Download Flowfolio Theme

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