30+ Great WordPress Blog Themes for Bloggers

When you want to create your own blog, you may struggle at first to make it look attractive. An attractive blog has 2 parts: the overall look and its contents. The contents of the blog depend on your inspiration and creativity, but the look depends on the WordPress themes used. You’ll see that many blogging websites use free blog templates to create a beautiful and attractive site.

If you want a nice blog, you can search for the best wordpress blog themes. The blog themes we have selected here are of 2 types: one is paid and the other one is free of charge. You should remember that you do not always have to pay for the best wordpress themes. Many free wordpress blog themes look just as good as the ones that are paid.

Nothing can stop you now from creating a blog that looks good. The reason is that these free wordpress themes can also be used as blog templates because they can be edited: you can change colors, fonts and most importantly you can use your own images as backgrounds and so on!

DailyJournal WordPress Blog Theme

DailyJournal Responsive WordPress Theme
This theme looks just like the pages of a notebook thus it has a very personal look and feel to it. You’ll get a theme that can be nicely viewed on any screen size and in many browsers. You need to sign up and pay $39 to get it, but it’s available in 4 colors and gets updated frequently.
Live Demo / Download Daily Journal

Official Theme

Official Theme
This theme has unlimited colors available, can be easily customized. Its best features are the RTL readiness, the many fonts available and that it’s built in a SEO friendly manner. You’ll get many incorporated widgets and you can install it very easily. The updates are announced in notifications so you can’t miss them out.
Live Demo / Download Official Theme

TumblePress Theme for Bloggers

TumblePress Theme for Bloggers
If you wanted a combination between Tumblr and WordPress, now you have it with this theme. With this theme you can make the same type of posts as on Tumblr but get better control over them. For instance the SEO is used to its maximum with this theme while in Tumblr it’s close to nonexistent. TumblePress is free of charge.
Live Demo / Download TumblePress

Read WP Theme

Read WP
If you wanted a simple, minimalistic theme for your WordPress blog, then you found it. It nicely adapts to all screen sizes and focuses on rendering a readable text. It supports many portfolios on a page, uses more than 600 Google fonts and can be used with WordPress 3.5 and up.
Live Demo / Download Read WP Theme

Memoir WordPress Blog Theme

Memoir WordPress Theme
Memoir will turn your boring looking blog into a stylish looking one, while keeping things pretty simple. It’s available in 4 colors (black, green, red and blue). Being compatible with many browsers you won’t have to worry you’ll lose readers. Convince yourself by checking it out in action as a demo before you buy it.
Live Demo / Download Memoir Theme

Daily Post WordPress Theme

dailypost wordpress blog theme
You’ll simply love the look of this theme as it’s stylish and allows the creation and the managements of multiple sliders in a single blog. If you’re interested in the status of several blog entries, you can check that out with the Post Formats feature. Make sure to use the SEO options feature as well if you want to make the best of your blog.
Live Demo / Download WP Look

Blogdrops Blog Theme

Running a personal blog or a magazine type of blog? Then you need the Blogdrops theme. with a minimalistic look it has 7 post formats to choose from and can be set to forever scrolling. While there’s no limit to the colors available, there are only 55 types of fonts used.
Live Demo / Download Blogdrops

Hobby WP Blog Personal Theme

Doesn’t matter what hobby you have because if you want to display in the nicest way possible you’ll need this theme. If you have a blog focused on pictures, then you have one more reason to need this theme. Your recent blog posts can be showcased either by categories or in a roundabout manner.
Live Demo / Download Hobby Theme

Bloggie WordPress Template

Bloggie Themes for Bloggers
Bloggie is a free of charge WordPress theme that makes your blog look nice on all screen sizes. If you run many ads on your blog the Ad Manager function will ease their management. Make full use of the SEO plugins and ensure your visitors can see more posts related to their favorite subjects.
Live Demo / Download Bloggie Theme

Lucid WordPress Blog Theme

Lucid WordPress Magazine Theme
Compatible with most browsers, this theme is best enjoyed if you run a magazine type of blog. Your site will look sleek, uncluttered, and will look and act the same on all screen sizes. There are 5 vibrant colors available for this continuously updated theme. The level of security of the code is also constantly improved.
Live Demo / Download Lucid WordPress Template

Place WordPress Theme

You should be using Place if you want to share many pictures on your blog. While it’s compatible with many browsers, it’s best if you used the latest version of the one you’re using when working with this theme. Make sure to check it out on your tablet as well, by scanning the code on the page.
Live Demo / Download Place Template

WP Anniversary Theme for Bloggers

WP Anniversary Theme for Bloggers
Some features of this theme are: included pagination, custom menus, theme options panel that allows you to edit the theme and the Ajax built in contact form. This theme is a freebie and best viewed on a large screen. Take a look at the demo to see it in action if you’re not sure about it!
Live Demo / Download WP Anniversary

Captain Responsive Blog Template

Not bloggers share the same type of information at all times and many post several types in a single blog: images, videos, text and so on. Captain was designed with these bloggers in mind and to make their blogging experience as enjoyable and easy as possible.
Live Demo / Download Captain Theme

Origin Template WP

Origin WordPress Photo Theme
Origin was created for those bloggers that like to have an image heavy site. The images will appear in a nice grid and they will seem to be telling a story. While your visitors will enjoy your blog best on a large screen, mobile users will also enjoy it, due to the theme’s responsiveness.
Live Demo / Download Origin WP Theme

Shortnotes WordPress Template

Shortnotes WordPress Template
You should be enjoying this new free WordPress theme. This theme has a built in pagination, is widget ready and you can use any widget you’d like. The theme options panel allows you to easily edit the theme according to your preferences, so what else can you wish for?
Live Demo / Download Site5 Theme

Spaces WordPress for Bloggers

Spaces WordPress Blog Themes for Bloggers
At first look, Spaces looks like Tumblr. Then you’ll notice your experience doesn’t change when you view your log in this theme when you use a different size screen, as the blog will always remain clean and professional looking. You can even choose between 3 color schemes from ultra light to dark.
Live Demo / Download Spaces Theme

PersonalPress Template

PersonalPress Template
Personal Press gives the traditional (by now) looking blog, a little fresh twist! Your blog will look fun and thus attract more visitors. Red, green, purple and 2 shades of blue are the colors this theme comes with. Don’t worry about the browser compatibility or having an updated version of the theme as all these worries are in the past!
Live Demo / Download Personal Press

Clippy Theme for Bloggers

clippy Blog Themes for Blogger
Clippy is a Iphone and Ipad theme, ideal to use when you need to blog fast. It features an options panel that will help you customize layouts and colors fast, and your posts can be translated directly into your mother language. Clippy updates by itself and the design is clean and modern.
Live Demo / Download Clippy Theme

Basic WP Theme

Basic WordPress Theme
This theme looks basic but its functions make it ideal for long blog posts usage. It comes in a grey and white color mix, and it makes posts easy to read and focus on, without any distractions. The neat theme can be used on desktops as well as tablets or smartphones.
Live Demo / Download Basic Theme

The Muse WP Blog Template

The Muse WP Blog Template
The Muse theme will let people focus on the information on your blog without getting distracted. The theme looks minimal and fresh and looks the same regardless of the device you use it on. The Muse is SEO ready so the traffic on your blog will increase almost right away.
Live Demo / Download The Muse

Focused Blog Theme

Focused Blog Theme
If you are searching for that chic and minimal looking theme, the Focused WordPress Theme will be perfect for you. Designed for Apple devices, the theme features easily noticeable menus and can also be edited however you like. You can add widgets, and let’s not forget that it’s completely free to use.
Live Demo / Download Focused

Wryter Simple Personal Blog

wryter wordpress theme
Wryter WordPress theme is targeted towards bloggers who express themselves by writing rather than images. The theme is responsive and easy to use, as all the changes can be made fast with the Customizer. You can change the layout or the colors in a matter of seconds, and social media icons are built in.
Live Demo / Download Wryter Template

WP Clear Video Theme

WP Clear Video Premium WordPress Theme
The WP-ClearVideo Theme is a useful tool for anyone who uses video as a way of connecting and sharing. It contains several features that make is special, such as a Youtube page, a portfolio page, and a featured page. This theme features many different layouts you can choose from and much more. You can purchase it for $59.
Live Demo / Download WP Clearvideo

Diary Notebook Blog Theme

Diary Notebook Blog Theme
Have you ever wanted to make your blog look like a vintage diary? Now you can do that by using Diary theme. Not only its design is appealing, but it features several important things any successful blogger needs: different theme options, customizable menus and a contact form. Google web fonts are also supported.
Live Demo / Download Diary Theme

Pravda WordPress Theme

Pravda WordPress Theme
Pravda WordPress theme should be used by people who are always on the go and need something they can customize fast. This is a retina-ready theme and is perfect for beginners. It includes 6 different homepage layouts, many themes you can change when you’re bored and works fine on any desktop or tablet.
Live Demo / Download Pravda Template

Grider Theme for Bloggers

Grider WordPress Blog Theme
Grider is really easy to use and is designed for those blogs that are image heavy, but it can be easily used for many types of blogs. The different categories can have different colors, the post can have various formats and contents and you can even try it out with the XML file.
Live Demo / Download Grider WordPress Theme

Phrase WordPress Blog Theme

Phrase WordPress Blog Theme
Phrase is the theme to get when you want to create an appealing looking personal blog or an online magazine. This theme is SEO ready and features a black background. The layout will perfectly adjust to the right size for your screen, no matter what device you use it on.
Live Demo / Download Phrase Template

Duplex Personal Blog WP Theme

Personal Blog WP Theme
Duplex looks very clean and minimalistic compared to other themes. You should choose this theme if you run a personal blog but want it to look elegant or professional. It supports infinite scrolling and its design is responsive, so even mobile or tablet users can enjoy the contents of your blog.
Live Demo / Download Duplex Theme

_Rite Simple Personal Blog Theme

_Rite WordPress Theme
_rite is a trendy theme created for users who love a clean, modern design and easy blogging. It contains an embedded video post and the updates are free. Older devices may not support all this theme’s features, however its great to use on tablets and smartphones. Most browsers are supported.
Live Demo / Download _Rite Theme

Grunge Responsive Blog Theme

Grunge Responsive Blog Theme
Grunge is a theme that will give a vintage, old feel to your blog. You have 5 Custom Widgets, several theme options and buttons and widgets for social websites like Twitter, Flickr and others. If you choose this theme, your lo will surely stand out from the crowd!
Live Demo / Download Grunge

Blogphix WordPress Theme

Blogphix WordPress theme
Blogphix WordPress Theme features endless scrolling and anyone can use it as it’s beginner friendly. The theme is very easy to customize as to add a personal touch to your blogging. A demo is included, so installing won’t pose any problems. The theme features social sharing options and 2 different color palettes: light and dark.
Live Demo / Download Blogphix Theme

Fixed Theme WP for Blog

Fixed WordPress Theme
Fixed is a responsive theme that can be used on both desktops and smartphones. It naturally adjusts to any screen size and includes icons for social media outlets. Fixed features many pages useful for a blog like a contact form page, galleries and archives. It includes previews for all the changes you are making.
Live Demo / Download Fixed Template

Air Style Theme

Air Style Theme
Air Style is perfect for a magazine kind of blog. It has been created a template and it’s really easy to edit to match your needs! The best parts yet are that it features 2 homepage styles and that you can choose from unlimited color schemes. It also has more than 80 theme options and 11 Custom Widgets.
Live Demo / Download Air Style

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