35+ Luxury Case for HTC One X and One X Plus – New Stylish

Today, a mobile phone is more than just a communication device. There are many other things it helps you in, some examples of which are watching videos, listening to audio tracks, sharing images, and many others. The device can even serve as a mini computer, which means that with it, you can search the internet for any information or carry out business transactions. Therefore, the mobile phone is a very valuable asset that needs to be taken care of by having it in a good case like that of One X+.

Get the Best Luxury HTC Case

You can get the right case for your mobile device, even if you are using Samsung Galaxy S3 or any other advanced phone, giving you some benefits such as:

  • Convenience
  • Protection
  • Durability
  • Style and design

Some Mobile Phone Cases for You

If you are looking for the iPhone 5 case, or any other similar one, the list below will help you greatly, as they are some of the best you can ever come across today.

1. Otterbox Commuter Case

Otterbox Commuter Case
If you are looking for the right HTC One X case, this is the right one for you

2. Pro TEC Executive Case

Pro TEC Executive Case
This is a very good case for HTC One X Plus, and it is ideal for those who are interested in carrying their phones anywhere they go

3. Otterbox HTC4 83100F9E4OTR Case

Otterbox HTC4 83100F9E4OTR Case
This is a good protective carrying solution which is very sturdy and comes with strong belt clips

4. Flexishield Wave Case

Flexishield Wave Case
In terms of protection, this is a luxury HTC case which gives you great protection if you live a rugged life

5. SAMRICK Specially Protector Case

SAMRICK Specially Protector Case
In addition to giving you protection, this case is generally cheaper than many other ones you see today

6. Empire Flowers Butterflies Case

Coverage Hard Rubberized Case for HTC One X
If you are looking for the case made of materials like cowhide leather, neoprene or vinyl, and polyurethane leather, this should be considered

7. Skinomi TechSkin Protector

Skinomi TechSkin - HTC One X
This case is stronger and more resilient to abuse, and that is why it is one of the best cases today

8. Pdair Horizontal Leather Pouch Case

PDair Horizontal Leather Pouch Case for HTC One X and XL
This case is compatible with most mobile phones, and that is why it should always be used

9. SAMRICK Executive Specially Case

SAMRICK Executive Specially Case
In terms of style and design, this case will meet your needs, thanks to its colors, size and shapes

10. SAMRICK Specially Protector

SAMRICK - HTC One X & One X+ & One XL
When people are looking for the case for HTC One X Plus, they always choose this one because it offers convenience

11. Silicone Case for HTC

Silicone Case for HTC
This HTC One X case gives you full access to your phone through the way it was constructed

12. Empire Pink Plaid Case

Empire Pink Plaid Case
This case has things which snap to the top and bottom of your phone so that your phone does not get lost

13. Metal Slim UV Case

Metal Slim UV Case
In addition to providing protection, this case has spaces for camera button, volume button, charging ports, and other important functions

14. Cbus Wireless Yellow Leopard Case

Cbus Wireless Yellow Leopard Protective Hard Case
This is very good because it is compatible with most mobile devices

15. Metal Slim Satin Purple Protective Case for HTC One X

Metal Slim Satin Purple Protective Case for HTC One X
Getting this case does not make you to break the bank, and it is from one of the most popular producers in the industry

16. Mirror Screen Protector For HTC ONE X S720E AT&T

Mirror Screen Protector For HTC ONE X
This is a snap-on case which directly fits over your phone, and it is durable, thanks to its surface

17. Melkco Premium Leather Case

Melkco Premium Leather Flip Case for HTC One X
This is the case constructed using lightweight plastic providing a second “shell” for mobile device

18. Cbus Wireless Leopard Case

Shell for AT&T HTC One X  One X
This is one of the best cases today because it provides protection against dents of scrapes and scratches

19. Diztronic GlitterFlex Flexible Protector

Diztronic Pink GlitterFlex Flexible TPU Case
This case is one of the newer designs in the market today, constructed of plastic, and paint-coated

20. Ballistic SG0874 M005 Case

Ballistic SG0874-M005 SG Case with Three Layers of Protection for HTC One X
This is one of the high-quality cases constructed using unique and durable material

21. Noreve Tradition D Leather Case

Noreve Tradition D Leather Case for HTC One X
This award-winning case features a sturdy surface and a clam-shell design

22. Cimo S Line Flexible Case

Cimo S-Line Back Case Flexible TPU Cover for HTC
This One X+ case has a hard, tough plastic screen cover which protect your phone

23. Incipio HT 285 DualPro Case

Incipio HT-285 SILICRYLIC DualPro Case for HTC One X
This durable case stands up to accidental drops, dents, scratches and general abuse

24. Pdair Leather Flip Case

PDair Leather Flip Case - HTC One X
The tough, hard-plastic case keeps your phone from any type of damage

25. Cimo S Line Case

Flexible TPU Cover for HTC
This is one of the cases which come in a limited selection of styles, and should always be considered

26. Cbus Wireless White Case

Cbus Wireless White Hard Case
This case offers very good protection against any type of scratches, and it is affordable

27. Cbus Wireless Black Case

Cbus Wireless Black White Polka Dots Protective Hard Case
This is the case for HTC One X Plus, and comes in a variety of styles, and the material offers the right protection

28. HTC One X Executive Case

HTC One X Executive Flip Case
This case absorbs shock better than many other ones in the market, thanks to its high-quality material

29. Skinomi TechSkin Protector

Skinomi TechSkin Case
This is a case which is durable, while always giving you the desired average shock protection

30. Empire Purple Stars Coverage

Empire Purple and Blue Stars Full Coverage Hard Rubberized Case
Whether you are a rugged user or a gentle one, you will always find this case to be useful

31. HTC One X Pack

The Ultimate HTC One X Accessory Pack
This has the designed for protecting and storing your HTC One X

32. Cbus Wireless Hot Pink Flex-Gel Case

Cbus Wireless Hot Pink Flex-Gel Case
This is the case which protects your phone the way you like, and it is very cheap

33. Protective Decal Cover

Protective Skin Decal Cover for HTC One X
If you are looking for a case made of non-toxic material, you should always go for this

34. Empire Flower Orchid Coverage

Empire Flower Orchid Coverage
Most people love this HTC One X case because it has form-fitted design and quality construction that gives your mobile device the desired level of protection

35. Ballistic Shell Gel Case

Ballistic Shell Gel Case for HTC One X
You will always love this case because of its material, and for the fact that you would be able to carry your device about the way you like

36. HTC One X Hybrid Case

HTC One X Hybrid Case
This is the case which has dual-layered skin and an in-built kickstand

37. Empire Full Coverage Case

Empire Full Coverage Case
This case was made from pure PC and ABS plastic materials, making it to be durable


Those are some of the best HTC One X cases today, as you will have your mobile phone slipping right into place, and with a clip which attaches to your purse or belt. Therefore, any of them is good for anybody who is always on the go. Therefore, you should get a copy today.

Written by Liam Dang

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