25+ Best WordPress eBooks for Beginners

WordPress has been the preferred tool for business websites and blogging due to its SEO benefits and the ease of managing their content. The main feature of a WordPress website is the plugins. This lets the domain owner customize his website according to his own needs.You can also choose your own domain name instead of a sub-domain.
Doing a random surf over the internet will show the various ways that owners have developed their websites. It can be quite intimidating seeing the streamlined feel of these blogs and business sites. The good news is there are numerous WordPress ebooks that can give you that edge. Build a WordPress website even if you are a neophyte in programming and experience for yourself how easy it is to use.

Below you will find recommended WordPress ebooks that can guarantee a working knowledge about WordPress. Most enable the reader to build a WordPress website right away with claims of even arming you with information in less than a day. In case you have an existing website on another platform already, this might be the best time to assess the strength of the website. Enter some keywords and if your business does not at the very least appear on the second page of a Google search, consider maximizing the SEO capabilities of a WordPress website.

Gauge your current skill and confidence level then weigh the areas you would want to focus on foryour website. You will definitely find the best WordPressebook combination that will match your ability and fit your purpose.
Item Description

WordPress to Go – More Info

WordPress to Go Book
This ebook allows you to create a WordPress website on your domainfrom scratch. It is easy to read and instructions are written in basic language. If you have new employees that need to learn how to manipulate WordPress quickly, this is a good foundation.

Visual Step by Step – More Info

Visual Step by Step WordPress Books
If you are a visual learner,WordPressForBeginners – Visual Step By Step is a good match for you. You can create your own WordPress site in record time even with zero knowledge. It explains not just what you have to do, but why a certain approach is practical.

WordPress for Beginners – More Info

WordPress for Beginners
This presents everything you need to know in managing your own WordPress website. It shows you an easy way to set up your blog, design your own unique look, and increase SEO.

Theme Development for WordPress – More Info

Theme Development for WordPress
This book allows a beginner to use HTML5 and CSS3 in order to create design themes in WordPress. Working examples are available to guide you to success especially if this is your first time.

WordPress Website Step By Step Book – More Info

WordPress Website Step By Step Book
There is no need for you to be a computer guru in order to create your own WordPress Website. It has a useful section on frequently asked questions and since it teaches about the latest version of WordPress, existing users can still learn more from this ebook.

Search Engine Optimization Made Simple Book – More Info

Search Engine Optimization Made Simple Book
This short book allows beginners to understand SEO quickly. It explains how search engines work. This will help your website become more search engine friendly and thereby more reachable by your target audience.

WordPress Business Website for Beginners – More Info

WordPress Business Website for Beginners
An online presence is very essential for businesses nowadays. It gives you a step by step plan on how to get your small business online with the help of WordPress. With enough information you can finish your website successfully.

WordPress Website #1 in Google – More Info

WordPress Website 1 in Google
Giving SEO tips for WordPress, this promises to get your website ranked #1 in Google. Saving both time and money, it will give you positive results without having to pay for an SEO analyst.

WordPress for Blogging Book – More Info

WordPress for Blogging Book
As an e-book for beginners, it provides instructions on how to create a website using WordPress. Pictures and video links are available to support your learning. It also gives information on how to buy a domain.

21 Steps to a WordPress Website Book – More Info

21 Steps to a WordPress Website Book
This guide allows you to create you a WordPress website on your own domain in just 21 steps. From buying the domain to increasing website traffic, it gives someone who has no knowledge about WordPress the necessary tools to create one right away.

WordPress Website in 30 Minutes Book – More Info

WordPress Website in 30 Minutes Book
If you need a step by step guide to help you make your own WordPress website in 30 minutes, this is the book for you. It even includes 10 bonus videos to help you understand the process and gives tips on the plugins and themes that are needed.

Beginner to Ninja WordPress Domination Book – More Info

WordPress eBooks for Beginners
Build your own WordPress website and become a WordPress Hero from WordPress Zero in 7 days. This book gets you through WordPress complexities without having to perform trial and error on information around the net.

WordPress Protection from Hackers Book – More Info

WordPress Protection from Hackers Book
Protect your WordPress website from the risk of being hacked. It is quite difficult to assess the damage and recover from a security problem. Learn how to prevent this from happening through this book.

WordPress Step by Step Tutorial – More Info

WordPress Step by Step Tutorial
Written in simple English, it is a step by step tutorial which helps you set up your own blog. It allows you to do the simplest task in hosting your own blog and gets you through the more complicated techniques such as RSS, email subscriptions, spams, and audience traffic.

WordPress Website Revealed Book – MoreInfo

WordPress Website Revealed Book
Giving an enormous amount of detail, it presents a deep knowledge on WordPress about the basics of a website. It then follows up with more information to attract audience and eventually make money from your website.

A Professional Website Blueprint Book – More Info

A Professional Website Blueprint Book
Create your own website using WordPress in less than an hour. In just 3 steps, have a professional looking website up and save dollars from what claimed experts may charge a huge amount for.

WordPress Search Engine Success – More Info

WordPress Search Engine Success
Maximize your SEO and increase your income from your WordPress website. Learn how the right content for your websitecan best attract constant traffic that will translate to more income.

WordPress 24 Hour Trainer Book – More Info

WordPress 24 Hour Trainer Book
This is a tried and tested book being on its second edition for the latest WordPress version. An instructional video is given for each lesson such that someone with no programming experience can easily build quality websites.

WordPress and The Genesis Framework – More Info

WordPress and The Genesis Framework
This is a beginner’s guide to building a WordPress website using the Genesis Framework. It allows you to maximize the Genesis plugins and the built in SEO options which make hosting and managing your website much easier.

WordPress Plugin Development Book – More Info

WordPress Plugin Development Book
This WordPress paperback allows a beginner to flip through its pages and build powerful plugins for their website. Guiding the user through the design of 6 plug-ins used by numerous WordPress site owners, it exposes the beginner to experimentation building their confidence.

Get Started With WordPress Book – More Info

Get Started With WordPress Book
It packs the reader with information by giving in-depth tutorials and blogging secrets. This essential information is augmented with visuals and even a CD tutorial. It is the ultimate guide for beginners.

WordPress Themes for Your Blog – More Info

WordPress Themes for Your Blog
Learn how to maximize default themes and create child themes that have been customized according to your specifications. Making your own themes can present incompatibility problems so build a good foundation and leverage default WordPress themes to your benefit.

WordPress for Beginners and Dummies Book – More Info

WordPress for Beginners and Dummies Book
This WordPress ebook enables beginners and even dummies to build their own WordPress website. Understand how WordPress is not only a platform for blogging but is in itself a complete system to manage your content. Whether you plan to do a simple blog or an ecommerce site, this book will be valuable.

WordPress Self-Hosted Blog Book – More Info

WordPress Self-Hosted Blog Book
Set-Up a WordPress self-hosted blog with the use of this book. Start blogging in 30 minutes or even less. Using a step by step guide with pictures, it shows you exactly what you need to get your website up and running.

WordPress SEO for Beginners Book – More Info

WordPress SEO for Beginners Book
This book is designed for the entrepreneur who wants to establish a strong online presence for his business. Even if you are a beginner on the technical aspect of maintaining a website, it provides information on how you can maximize your search engine optimization.

Getting Started With WordPress – More Info

Getting Started With WordPress
Obtain help from this book especially suited for beginners. It guides you through steps on how to set up your own domain and become acquainted with the WordPress Dashboard. Together with video tutorials, learn about themes, plugins, and page optimization.

Written by David Nguyen