20+ Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S4

If you want to enjoy communication and entertainment on the move, you should use one of the best Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases, especially if you have the device from the popular manufacturer. The cases have many advantages, one of which is that they help you to have a personalized device. Wallpapers, screensavers or ringtones are no longer the only tools used in personalizing – you can do the same with an elegant and beautiful case.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Case Offers Protection

The Galaxy S4 case also gives your device protection from any scratches and any kind of dent which can take place through frequent handling. The case enables you to have a protected device without the style being negatively affected. Therefore, you will have a device which lasts longer, while giving you value for your money.

The Best Samsung Cases

If you are looking to enjoy some of the benefits of a beautiful case, you should consider some of the ones discussed below.

1. Bear Motion Premium Folio Case Pink

Bear Motion Premium Folio Case Pink
This is good because it comes with a premium PU leather material

2. SPIGEN SGP Samsung Galaxy S4 Case

SPIGEN SGP Samsung Galaxy S4 Case Protective
SPIGEN is good because it is beautiful and protects your device

3. Bear Motion TM Premium Samsung Galaxy S4 Case

Bear Motion Purple
This is designed specifically for Samsung Galaxy S4, and the purple color makes it to be popular

4. SPIGEN SGP Samsung Galaxy S4 Case

SPIGEN SGP Samsung Galaxy S4 Case Slim
SPIGEN SGP is another good choice because it has the perfect cutouts for camera, speakers and other important ports of your phone

5. KaysCase Book 2.0 Cover Case

KaysCase Book
This protects the sides and back from scratches, bumps and dirt

6. SUPCASE Slim Fit Samsung Galaxy S4 Case

SUPCASE Slim Fit Case
The high quality, premium polycarbonate material makes this to be popular

7. SPIGEN SGP Dual Layer Protective Case

This is good for Galaxy SIV i9500

8. SQ1 Slim Fit TPU Samsung Galaxy S4 Case

Samsung Galaxy S4
This Galaxy S4 case is highly resistant to dirt, oil, and scratches

9. AceAbove Stand Galaxy S4 Case

Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy S4 IV
This beautiful case has all buttons, ports and camera exposed perfectly for ease of use

10. Bear Motion Folio Samsung Case

Bear Motion Blue
This can also protect your phone

11. Bear Motion Premium Folio Case Black

Bear Motion Premium Folio Case Black
This is one of the best phone accessories

12. Dealgadgets Jelly TPU Galaxy S4 Case

Dealgadgets Jelly TPU Galaxy S4 Case
This Galaxy S4 case protects your phone from scuffs and scratches

13. SPIGEN Dual Layer Protective Galaxy Case Crimson Red

SPIGEN SGP Samsung Galaxy S4 Case Red
This case gives you the desired protection, and it is ideal for Galaxy S IV Galaxy SIV i9500

14. Dealgadgets Jelly Fit Back Case White

This case protects your phone, and gives you access to the functions, buttons,cameras and ports of your phone

15. SPIGEN SGP Samsung Case for Galaxy SIV i9500

SPIGEN is a Galaxy S4 case which is slim, lightweight and form fitted

16. MiniSuit Slim Fit Samsung Galaxy S4 Case

Back Case with Rubber Trim for Samsung Galaxy S4
This case has rubberized trim giving you improved grip

17. Premium Screen Protector Cases

Premium Screen Protector Cases
This is one of the best Samsung cases because it comes with special oleophobic coating for ease in the removal of fingerprints, cosmetics and smudges

18. Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Case

Samsung Galaxy S4 Case Black PU Leather Wallet Cover
The tough PU leather cover of this phone gives you the protection desired

19. Samsung Wallet Black Cover Case

Samsung Wallet Black Cover Case
This use of this case gives protection with the Inner Card Slot Wallet

20. ZAGG iFrogz Galaxy S4 Case Cover

ZAGG iFrogz Samsung Galaxy S4
This is one of the best Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases that you should always consider because of the beauty

21. SUPCASE Shell Case Cover

SUPCASE Slim Fit Hard Shell Case
This case has good-quality polycarbonate material, and that is why it is meant for Samsung Galaxy S IV

22. Dealgadgets X line TPU Case

Dealgadgets X
This is a good case for Samsung Galaxy SIV, and it has spaces that give you access to cameras, all functions, ports and buttons

23. SQ1 Slim Fit Flexible TPU Case

Slim Fit Flexible TPU Case
This is one of the popular manufacturers in South Korea, meaning tht your phone is highly resistant to oil, scratches and dirt, while there is also shock absorption

Those are some of the best Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases which can be used if you want your mobile device to still look good even after a year of constant use. They are of varying prices, but most of them are less than $10, which means they are quite affordable to many people. Therefore, you should get yours today.

Written by Liam Dang

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