35+ Good Looking Restaurant Logos Design for Inspiration

Making a good restaurant logo design is a very important task in setting up your restaurant. First impressions are made with your logo and you do not want to be misjudged as a run-of-the-mill restaurant. Here’s a list of the best logos you can find for a restaurant or food related business. Hopefully, one of the artworks here can become your restaurant logo inspiration.

A good logo design should not be too intricate. It should be easily read, and it should not confuse people of what to think about your restaurant. At the same time, it must not be too simple or else you risk the chance of being perceived as an ordinary restaurant. There’s simply nothing attractive about a logo that can only bear your name.

The designs here should become an inspiration for restaurant owners who are looking somewhere to start crafting their logos. You will see varying layouts, with some of the logos representing different types of restaurant. If you’re looking for a generic restaurant logo because you don’t really know what direction to take on yet, you have come to the right page.

In addition, you will find designs for a caffee logo, a bar logo, etc. The logo designs employ the use of digital art and its mastery. Some utilize elements in typography, as well as the blending of colors and fonts. Going through the restaurant logos you can find here is simply a treat for your eyes, so pick your choice well.

1. Caricafé – MORE INFO

An artistic logo that’s designed for cafes and beverage-serving businesses.

2. Reverie – MORE INFO

Reverie Restaurant
A classy logo that portrays elegance with its font and color combination.

3. Srivas Restaurant – MORE INFO

Srivas Restaurant
A logo with three colored leaves, classified as a design for Indian restaurants.

4. Fishes restaurant – MORE INFO

fishes restaurant
A very cool design that has utensils to mark a fish’s skeleton. This can be used for restaurants serving fish and seafoods.

5. Riviera Grill – MORE INFO

Riviera Grill logo
A Mexican-inspired logo that wonderfully utilizes the combination of brown and orange.

6. Sawasdee Thai Restaurant Logo – MORE INFO

Sawasdee Thai Restaurant Logo
A collection of Thai-inspired logos that circle around the word Sawasdee — ‘hello’ in English.

7. Los Mariachiles – MORE INFO

A logo made for Mexican restaurants. The bright colors and caricatures were meant to depict Mexican cuisine.

8. Acappella – MORE INFO

Acappella Restaurant Logo
A minimalist logo which uses neutral colors along with blue and orange.

9. Fabio Al Porto – MORE INFO

Fabio Al Porto
A design that was meant for Italian fish or seafood restaurants.

10. Refugio – MORE INFO

Restaurant Logo
A restaurant logo that uses basic utensils like the knife and fork.

11. Gastronomica de todos los santos – MORE INFO

Gatronomica de todos los santos 1
A logo that seems to advertise “heavenly” food with the crossed fork.

12. Fish restaurant – MORE INFO

Fish restaurant
A fish restaurant logo that comically shows the image of an eating fish.

13. Agriristoro – MORE INFO

Agriristoro Logo
An Italian-inspired logo that has a minimalistic design; the wine bottle/fork makes it unique.

14. Spicy Bite – MORE INFO

Restaurant Logo Design
A design which employs the use of bright colors and chili peppers.

15. Los Artesanos – MORE INFO

Los Artesanos Restaurant Bar
A logo that seems to be made by a real artisan who likes simplicity.

16. Jenny’s Restaurant Logo – MORE INFO

Jennny s Restaurant Logo
A logo that plays around with typography to represent a good restaurant.

17. Bistro – MORE INFO

Bistro Logo
A very simple logo that has the image of a serving tray with cover.

18. Quick restaurant logo – MORE INFO

Quick restaurant logo
A logo that utilizes the element of contrast to make your brand name stand out.

19. Restaurant Logo – MORE INFO

Restaurant Logos
A minimalistic design that is bare of textual content save for a spoon, knife, and fork.

20. Pizzeria – MORE INFO

Pizzeria or Restaurant Logo
A logo that uses the combination of some fonts and the image of a round pizza.

21. Dunav – MORE INFO

dunav logo
A Danube-inspired design that uses the concept of a stylized perch.

22. Rafine Restaurant – MORE INFO

Rafine Restaurant 2
A logo that has a regal appeal with its red color and specific font.

23. Beep – MORE INFO

Beep Persian Restaurant
A logo that was made for a Persian restaurant; the last letter elongates to form a fork.

24. Restaurant – MORE INFO

restaurant logos design
A design that has a very simple appeal through the use of a plate, fork, and knife.

25. Terra Trattoria – MORE INFO

terra trattoria
A logo that uses a white plate as background for contrasting red letters.

26. Al Forno restaurant logo – MORE INFO

Al Forno restaurant logo
A design that’s meant to be used with wineries or cafes that serve wine.

27. Ready, set… dinner – MORE INFO

Ready Set Dinner
A logo that has a very playful depiction of a fork’s tines making the famous chef’s hands.

28. Barouge Restaurant Logo – MORE INFO

Barouge Restaurant Bar logo
A red logo design that’s meant to be used for casual restaurants or bars.

29. Primo Cafe Gourmet – MORE INFO

Primo Cafe Gourmet
An Italian-inspired logo that uses some distinctive fonts and colors.

30. Wok Restaurant Logo – MORE INFO

Wok Restaurant Logo
A Chinese-inspired logo that uses the design of a wok, the traditional bowl-shaped frying pan.

31. Tony – MORE INFO

A logo that has the simple design of a chef’s head set on a black background.

32. The Garden Restaurant – MORE INFO

The Garden Restaurant
A logo that seems to represent vegetarian restaurants with its green backdrop and cursive font.

33. Lunch Time Bistro – MORE INFO

Lunch Time Bistrò
A design that plays with the image of a clock which has a fork, plate, and knife as its hands.

34. Restaurant Argentino Rework – MORE INFO

Restaurant Argentino Rework
A logo that has the simple design of a piece of meat being grilled.

35. Espuma – MORE INFO

A logo which came from Delaware to supposedly market a restaurant and bar.

Written by David Nguyen

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