20+ Free Blue Sky Wallpapers for Your Desktop

In the past, you must have found yourself scouring for free wallpapers in the internet. Customizing your desktop is such a refreshing thing to do, especially if you work on your computer. As such, here are some wallpapers for desktop which you can use. All of them have one defining element — the color blue.

The color blue is very relaxing to the eyes, and they say that it diffuses ‘hot’ situations. It is no wonder that many people use blue sky wallpapers. There are even hd wallpapers to choose from to make the visuals of your desktop even better. Other designs that has the tints and shades of blue, like free sky wallpapers, are also recommended.

The wallpapers we advise are free of cost. You can simply download them and install them in a jiffy. To make it easier for you, they’ve been handpicked from some of the best wallpaper websites. If you want a nature wallpaper that employs the color blue, then you’ve definitely come to the right list. Otherwise, this webpage has a good selection for people looking for a free blue sky wallpaper or a free nature wallpaper. So check all of them out — everybody deserves the best wallpapers for their desktops.

1. Travel Sky – MORE INFO

Travel Sky
This one won’t disappoint with its wonderful blue design and relaxing sky theme.

2. Blue sunrise – MORE INFO

Blue sunrise
A picture of a blue sunrise is probably one of the most beautiful wallpapers you can ever have.

3. Blue Sky – MORE INFO

Blue Sky
A wonderful picture of the blue sky and a calm green field.

4. in a sea of blue – MORE INFO

in a sea of blue
If you love blue waters and serene mountains, this one was made for you.

5. Converging sky and road – MORE INFO

Converging sky and road
A beautiful wallpaper that shows the convergence of the blue sky and a gray road.

6. Blue sea – MORE INFO

Blue sea
A very light depiction of the calm waters of the sea, plus the blue sky.

7. Deep blue sky – MORE INFO

Deep blue sky
A portrait of the clouds shadowing the rays of the sun.

8. Blue Sky – MORE INFO

Blue Sky Wallpapers
This wallpaper shows a very blue sky and the bright sun shining overhead.

9. Tinted Sky 7 Wallpaper – MORE INFO

Tinted Sky 7 Wallpaper
A strong shade of the sky’s color, this one is just tantalizing.

10. Blue Sky – MORE INFO

Nature Wallpapers Blue Sky
A very beautiful scenery of the blue sky mirrored by a pond.


The breathtaking design of the clouds and sky is very refreshing to the eyes.

12. Blue Sky – MORE INFO

Blue sky Bo0xvn
The words “I love sky” etched in a blue, cloudy backdrop.

13. Big Blue Whale Blues – MORE INFO

Big Blue Whale Blues
A calm representation of the blue whale’s tail showing above the light blue sea.

14. Blue Sunset 17: Sunray WP – MORE INFO

Blue Sunset 17 Sunray WP
A picture of the overcast sky with hints of a pretty blue sunset

15. The Blue Blue Sky WP – MORE INFO

The Blue Blue Sky WP

The blue sky comes in stark contrast with the deep green color of the fields.

16. Air Balloons – MORE INFO

Air Balloons
Colorful hot air balloons flying up above the blue sky.

17. Sky – MORE INFO

A simple picture of the sky and the hidden rays of the sun.

18. Stars and Sky – MORE INFO

Stars and Sky
A diverging and relaxing depiction of the night sky and day sky.

19. Psychobug on the moon – MORE INFO

Psychobug on the moon
There is a small, red ladybug nesting on the moon (blue sky background).

20. The Deep Sky – MORE INFO

The Deep Sky
A wonderful utilization of light orbs set on the bright blue sky.

21. Blue Sky HD – MORE INFO

Blue Sky HDTV Wallpaper
A high definition wallpaper of the blue sky in varying shades of blue.

22. Singsong – MORE INFO

An attractive layering of the musical staff and the light blue sky.

23. cloudscape – MORE INFO

Digital art on the starry night sky and some fireflies hovering above the grass.

24. Sky – MORE INFO

Sky mikax
A minimalist presentation of the bright blue sky and some thin clouds.

Written by David Nguyen